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Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Wave: Moon Knight
Moon Knight was one of my earliest favorite Marvel characters. Reading through his books in the 80s and 90s, he was set apart from most other Marvel heroes, mainly because of the full crazy factor.  He also brought with him, mysticism and magic, with his ties to Ancient Egyptian Gods.  It all adds up to an interesting character with constantly compelling story lines.  He’s also had some really cool outfits, from the start with the all white through to now with the white suite and ninja style tight mask.  The suit featured in this release, let’s call it Marvel Now Moon Knight, is just really freaking cool, which I think is the draw and why this figure is being scooped up the second the online “order” button lights up, and the second it hits a store shelf.  Is he worth all the attention? 

The Good

  • The black is pitch perfect.  The white is bright and almost blinding.  This leads to a figure that features staggering contrast and it looks amazing because of it.
  • 100% accurate to the comic character, just a great job to replicate the page by Hasbro here.
  • The cape and hood combo look and fit perfectly.  Having each piece separate allows for some excellent pose-ability and does not inhibit articulation.
  • The mold / shape of the hood over the head and around the neck is a testament to how far action figure making has come since Legends first Moon Knight release (2006 ToyBiz release).
  • Moon Knight comes with 4 crescent accessories, 2 additional hands and a billy club (Daredevil re-use, but white, can separate into two pieces).  
  • Articulation here is everything you could hope for, he’s got every bell and whistle has put into a figure with the exception of butterfly chest, and that would have interrupted the look and feel of the figure, and isn’t necessarily character appropriate.
  • The sculpted pieces all over this figure, from his knuckles, to arm guards, to shoulder armor, he’s got shin guards and foot sculpting too!  Astonishing what Hasbro has put together here detail wise.
  • Comparing the original Legend Moon Knight to this (in pictures), the figure marking here is pure art.  While I love the classic suit on the 2006 release, that figure doesn’t hold a candle to this modern release, sculpt, articulation, design, paint, it’s just not close.

The Bad

  • No holster for billy club.
  • No holster for crescents.  It would have been wild to see Hasbro pull off the descending crescents down one of MK’s arms creating them as pull off / hand hold accessories though.
  • We probably won’t get Moon Knight in the white tuxedo / suit any time soon.  

The rest

Fans of Moon Knight have everything to love here.  I’ll caveat it a little though. When most people, at least my age think of Moon Knight, it isn’t this one that comes to mind.  It’s the all white / silver sheen suit that we grew up with.  Even if, as a Moon Knight fan you aren’t into this costume, the figure is just amazing and you should get it anyway.  Sharp detail and sculpting all over (some of the best I’ve seen on a figure), excellent articulation, solid accessories, great cape.  It’s got something for everyone.  Judging by the fact that he’s going for bananas money on the aftermarket, I probably don’t need to convince you that you want this, but you want it, so keep scrolling to see how you might be able to get it.  Remember folks, Spider-Man Homecoming hits theaters July 7th, 2017, so buy the figures, see the movie, have fun!


This is a fantastic figure.  I think folks have realized that, and in the early hunting Moon Knight is proving to be the figure in this wave that flies off of shelves and goes for quadruple market value right after.  That said, and I’m a broken record, I know.  Don’t feed the scalpers. This wave hasn’t really hit retail yet, or at the very least it’s only just really starting to.  It was up on Amazon (and down, and up, and down) a few times, and now the wave, with the exception of Moon Knight is back on Amazon.  You can also pre-order the wave, and individual figures (including Moon Knight) at Big Bad Toy Store for retail or a little more.  Fans of must have figures take heart with Hasbro too.  Just yesterday, Cyclops went up (and pretty quickly down) on!

The Pictures


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