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Marvel Legends 2017 X-Men Wave 1: Captain Universe Spider-Man
In the span of 365 days, Marvel Legends fans, Marvel fans have been showered in riches of hit figure after hit figure.  The expansion of the Legends lines 2016-2017 has seen the roster reach deep into catalogs of villains, deep cosmic characters, and twice now, into the 70s / early 80s in ways that were wholly unexpected.  First we saw Disco Dazzler.  Be honest, you never thought that would happen, and today, in the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming wave, we get Captain Universe Spider-Man, who is an amazing figure in his own right, and we will get into that in this very post, but for me, the jaw dropper in the box is the alternate head.  Ray Coffin, Captain Universe.  I guess it could be Steve too, it could be a few others, but I’m gonna go with Ray Coffin, or Steve because honestly that’s the most historically impressive and off the beaten path.  I’ll stop rambling.  Captain Universe is a character that is obscure but has a solid fan base, and that fan base is going to be thrilled to get hands on this three headed gem.

The Good

  • Two characters, three heads, one box, as much a boon as it is a knock.  Fans of the original Captain Universe and the Spider-Man Captain Universe are going to have to find and buy two figures.  I’m fairly certain that this by itself is going to make Captain Universe a challenge to find.
  • Let’s talk about the heads first.  You get 3.  
    • Peter Parker with a beard is awesome.  Great detail in the face, hair and beard!
    • The Captain Universe Spider-Man head is dead on with the comic and really well done paint wise.  
    • The original Captain Universe head even has a vintage face look to it.  I’m probably just seeing things, but even more impressive is that the “Universe” head space is unique across the two cowls with different “constellations” on each between Spidey and Captain.  
  • The cosmic styled area of the body looks fantastic, really clean paint, nicely done.
  • The other part of the body is a solid white, it has a nice sheen to it, and is again very clean.
  • This version of Spider-Man is on the larger body type, I think it’s shared with Spider-UK.  All the joints you could ask for with the exception of the butterfly chest, reserved for the slightly smaller / thinner Spidey frames.  

The Bad

  • The fact that folks are going to have to buy two or three of this figure to get the full shelf experience is rough, but the multiple purchases are absolutely worth your while.  
  • Now I need more Captain Universes!  I’ll throw out my wish list to start Tamara Devoux, and then Deadpool, we can go from there.

The rest

I’m Marvel Cosmic biased, I know this.  But for my money, it’s hard to find a cooler character than the Uni-Powered Spider-Man.  Add an alt head to give me the original Captain Universe?  I am spoiled with Marvelous action figure riches.  Do you need this figure?  Are you a fan of any of the characters in this box?  Yes.  Do you just really want a bearded Peter Parker head?  YES!  Hasbro did a fantastic job of bringing the character to figure form, as always, seriously, the misses are so rare in 2017 for Hasbro, great job!  Remember folks, Spider-Man Homecoming hits theaters July 7th, 2017, so buy the figures, see the movie, have fun!


Captain Universe Spider-Man is available for order at Amazon today for retail!  Prove me right, make this the hardest to find figure of the wave…next to Moon Knight obviously.  The whole Spidey Homecoming wave is also available at Big Bad Toy Store in wave, case, or individual figure form for pre-order.

The Pictures


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