Marvel Legends: Wonderman
This figure is weird for me.  I never really cared about Wonder Man.  Just meh towards the character, he’s done a lot in the comics, and if you have a Scarlet Witch figure (comics, not movie, I do), having the two together is extra fun and awkward if you also have a Vision figure (I don’t).  At any rate, in spite of not being too crazy about the character, 2016 finds us with a really awesome Marvel Legends figure…so what do I do with him?  I keep him, I review  him for you. I’m a good person.  Pretty good.  If I were great I’d give him away, but I really like him.

The Good

  • Though Wonder Man and Captain Britain share box art in the Captain America Legends wave, the similarities stop there, and each figure appropriately got their own style / size, which is good, because this fits Wonder Man perfectly!
  • Very striking head / face sculpt.  Chiseled jaw, great hair.
  • Deep red eyes.
  • The inclusion of energy blast accessory is complimented perfectly with the energy phasing hands!
  • Another clean paint app with sharp lines.

The Bad

  • I have no complaints to nit pick on here.  Wonderman is a really nice figure.  Hence the keeping him that I’ll be doing.


In a world where this wave is available in places, Big Bad Toy Store has Wonder Man available for pre-order.

The Pictures

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