Marvel Legends: Venom – Space Knight BAF
We have made our first run around the tracks.  We have checked out so far, one figure from each wave of figures, Movie Doctor Strange, Captain Britain, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, and now, we are back to the Doctor Strange wave.  Today, we look at Astral Doctor Strange from the forthcoming movie.  And…wouldn’t ya know it, you can win this fancy pants Doctor Strange for yourself right here in this very post by following the directions below the review…so keep reading.

The Good

  • This is one of the smoothest, cleanest paint apps on a figure I’ve ever seen. Lines are clean and sharp.
  • Black is deep, just incredibly “none more black”.
  • The attention to detail of palm, under arm painting all looks amazing.
  • Outstanding, dead on head sculpt.
  • Grasping evil hands… I heart them.
  • The shoulders emblazoned with sharp, clean Guardians of the Galaxy logos…swoon…

The Bad

  • For as large and as beefy as Venom looks, he’s very lightweight.  I think I’d rather have him be the kind of figure that if I threw at a wall, there would be a hole in that wall.
  • The fact that I don’t have one of these for my house, my office, my car….

The rest

This is hands down, my favorite Marvel Legends figure of the year.  He’s worth every other figure you have to buy to get him, and all of the other figures you have to buy to get him are pretty awesome too.  This one, for me, is an absolute no brainer.


Venom- Space Knight is a BAF.  If you want him it’ll either cost you a healthy sum on eBay, or you’ll have to get the whole wave of Spider-Man Legends figures.  Yer in luck.  You can do that at Big Bad Toy Store today!

The Pictures

I’m gonna level with you here. I’m not giving this figure away.  Probably ever.  You’ll have to pry him from my cold, dead hands…but check back every day, and enter once to be good for any giveaways that come up by doing any of the below!
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