Marvel Legends: Silk
We have four full waves of Legends to review for you this month, Cap Abomination Wave, Doctor Strange Dormammu Wave, X-Men Juggernaut Wave and Spider-Man Space Knight Venom Wave.  They are all epic in their own way, and we will be doing a bunch of giveaways along the way.  So far we’ve touched on a figure from the Strange Wave, and the Cap Wave.  Let’s take our first look at one of my favorite figures from the Spider-Man wave, Silk.  She’s a beauty!

The Good

  • The facial detail on the female figures in these 2016 waves is gorgeous.  Amazing accuracy to the comic page, and actually just a pretty face.  Great job Hasbro!
  • Included alt head with half mask is awesome looking.
  • Head with mask pulled down effect, nailed it!
  • The frame on this figure fits.  Tall, slender, sturdy.  Well balanced.
  • Tons of articulation here as is befitting Silk’s spider-ilk (ha! see what I did there?).  She’s poseable for days.
  • Excellent paint application and line detail.
  • Silk is packaged with one of Venom Space Knight’s legs.  Venom Space Knight …I don’t wanna spoil this but I will, he might be my favorite BAF ever.

The Bad

  • I’m being greedy, but some more hands as pack ins would have been great.

The rest

Everything about this figure is awesome, but the face / hair is what steals the show for Silk.  All things being equal, this isn’t a character I cared about before getting this figure, but I love it…and now I want to fill out my Women of the Spider-Verse roster, and I’ve taken steps to do so…which is not cheap…so thanks for this new addiction Hasbro!


Silk is available in the full assortment selection at Big Bad Toy Store today!

The Pictures

While we aren’t giving away Silk, make sure you enter to win for future giveaways, we should have 1-2 per week for the next few!
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