Marvel Legends: Secret War Captain America
Unveiled at Toy Fair 2016, Secret War Captain America got some people quickly excited that they were getting the Cap uniform that was released in January of 2016, showing Steve Rogers young again.  Close inspection yields though, this Captain America is wearing an outfit featured in an early 2000’s comic run called Secret War (not Secret Wars).  The uniform is similar, but more, it’s pretty awesome.  It’s also cool to get a Captain America in a costume that is pretty under the radar to most casual comic fans.  It makes us die hards feel more special-er.   Either way, along with the costume, this Cap wears the name sake of this wave of Marvel Legends.  Let’s see how well he carries…or …throws?  the shield.

The Good

  • Excellent justice is done to the comic page version of this costume.
  • The included shield toss effect is, as far as I can tell a first of it’s kind to the Legends line and it works out pretty cool.  Very neat look!
  • Shield is solid as usual featuring wrist cuff and post to sit in the shield toss effect and back hole.
  • Another overall very clean paint application on this figure.

The Bad

  • While we are digging deep into the Cap closet…can someone reach in and pull out a Nomad costume?
  • Shield toss accessory makes the figure front heavy, and he doesn’t stand so good that way.

The rest

Like I said to start, this is a very uncommon uniform for Captain America to be seen wearing.  Based on that along this is a really cool figure to pick up and keep for yourself…which I’m doing.


Secret War Captain America is ready.  He’s waiting for you…and you can get yours at Big Bad Toy Store today!

The Pictures

Nope…you can’t have this one…but do all the things under this text to enter for any future giveaways coming up…trust me, there is more left to Legendary September!
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