Marvel Legends: Scarlet Witch
Three ladies in a row for Legendary September!  Finishing off with one of the strongest Legends female character designs I’ve ever seen, the Scarlet Witch.  The realistic likeness is so incredible here…but let me wait till I get to the good before I start gushing.  Scarlet Witch comes to us from the Captain America Civil War Abomination Wave.  She features Abominations purdy little head as the BAF piece.

The Good

  • This action figure is top notch with character / human likeness.  The face almost looks 3d printed off of an Elizabeth Olsen face mold.
  • The coloring of skin and facial design is dead on to match the sculpt.
  • Outfit likeness is excellent to what was displayed on screen.
  • Included energy hand accessories look and fit great.
  • Hair is character perfect as well.

The Bad

  • The biggest knock against this figure is her balance.  With heel boot feet, she’s already going to have a hard time standing, added lack of balance hurts even more.  If you want Scarlet Witch to stand on your shelves, you’ll either need a figure stand or you will have to lean her against something.  Or…spend 10 minutes trying to balance her…and don’t breathe as you take a picture.
  • Leg articulation is slightly limited by the molding of the coat.

The rest

Now, we are doing something very interesting here, dare I say a first…or second at MUReview.  A second opinion review with our friends over at


If you want the Scarlet Witch at this point, you’ll pay handsomely from third party sellers on Amazon, at eBay, or…you can get her plus everyone else in the wave at BBTS!

The Pictures


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