Marvel Legends: Rogue
Continuing with the Lovely Ladies of Legends in Legendary September, we take a look at our first X-Man wave figure, Rogue.  Packed with an extra hand and the hefty leg of Juggernaut, she comes in a heavy package and she’s a sturdy, gorgeous figure.  Shall we take a closer look?

The Good

  • Another stunning female face sculpt here. Well painted and detailed.
  • Rogue’s hair is Rogue comic perfect!
  • Stellar paint application, the metallic green pops against the yellow giving Rogue her most iconic look.
  • Interesting treatment for the boot tops, they are actually separate floating pieces.  They look great now, I’m curious to see how they will hold up long term.
  • Excellent sculpted on jacket looks great.
  • Included bare hand accessory offers dreams of a Rogue / Gambit diorama for the ages.

The Bad

  • A few wobbly paint lines here and there, and a few nics in the otherwise fantastic paint job.

The rest

I feel compelled to purchase an additional flight stand, just so Rogue can be permanently posed in her iconic flight stance.  She’s an amazing figure, well balanced, looks great.  She’s going to be tough to find at retail prices at this point, and I’m very sorry to disappoint my fans. I’m totally not giving Rogue away, she’s going to live in my collection for the time being.


Amazon has her, but expect to pay a little more than retail.

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While we aren’t giving away Rogue, make sure you enter to win for future giveaways, we should have 1-2 per week for the next few!
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