Marvel Legends: Phoenix
One of the most beloved X-Men characters, from one of the most iconic story lines in all of comics, Marvel’s Phoenix gets the spotlight in this fantastic Marvel Legends action figure!

The Good

  • Amazing face sculpt and design makes Phoenix look actual real world pretty!
  • Gorgeous sculpt on her hair.
  • Outfit is dead on comic accurate with brilliant line work and paint application.
  • Sash is not sculpted on which allows it to flow sort of freely.

The Bad

  • I’ve had some trouble, and it exhibits here, getting female figures with this body type to stand straight without a specific stand.  Granted, Phoenix deserves a flight stand, but times is tough!
  • Chances that we will get a running change in an outfit of a different color are slim to none.  …they are none.

The rest

Phoenix has seen some stuff, been through a lot of iterations, arcs, movies too!  This is it though, the iconic, the most recognizable.  It’s Jean Grey in green and gold the way it was meant to be.  I’m thrilled to have a figure quite so nice for the character!


I have no idea why this figure isn’t sold out everywhere, but since she’s not! Big Bad Toy Store!

The Pictures

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