Marvel Legends: Peter Parker Spider-Man
I just want to take a second, this Spider-Man Legends wave has been great, one of my favorite parts of Legendary September.  This Spider-Man figure, also great, but really, I can’t wait to talk to you guys about Space Knight Venom (BAF), he’s really incredible.  Ok, I feel better now.  Let’s talk about Peter Parker Spider-Man.  This figure hits all the right buttons and gives us another fantastic Spidey.  Let’s look closer.

The Good

  • So many hands!
  • The mask-less head that is included is just freakin’ awesome.  This is what Peter Parker looks like in my brain, thank you Hasbro for succeeding where Sony movies have failed over and over again.
  • Perfectly articulated to allow for whatever Spider-pose you’d like.  There really isn’t a position that you can’t get him into.
  • Spider-Man is the right size.  He’s not huge, he’s not tiny, he’s a good middle ground to capture the minds eye, real world scale of a young man with spider-powers.

The Bad

  • Awesome figure, awesome accessories.  Me just being needy says hey, can I get a web effect piece?
  • Additional complaint, the elbow joints where they fasten are not painted a consistent blue, but left as red plastic.
  • My particular Spider-Man has a healthy nic in the paint on his lower left chest.

The rest

This is one of the best Peter Parker Spider-Man figures I have ever owned.  That’s about the size of it.


Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is available for order now!  Go get him at Big Bad Toy Store!

The Pictures

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