Marvel Legends: Miles Morales Spider-Man
Miles Morales first came on the scene to great controversy in 2011 after the highly publicized death of Spider-Man, Peter Parker, in the Ultimate Universe.  So Marvel killed Spider-Man, but not really and all in an entirely different universe.  There was a lot of hoopla, and out of it came what turned out to be, a pretty cool character in Miles Morales actually.  Now, after several universe melding events, Miles and Parker live in the same world with Gwen and Mary Jane who works for Iron Man…it’s all very confusing and complicated, but…Miles Morales.  A burgeoning super hero gets an absolutely fantastic action figure in this years Spider-Man Space Knight Venom wave.

The Good

  • Miles has every bit the Spidery articulation that he should.
  • As with his Peter Parker counterpart figure, Miles comes with an unmasked head and two additional sets of hands to allow for all sorts of great Spider-action poses.
  • Exceptional pin straight and razor sharp line work on the lines of his outfit.
  • Rich, deep black color fills out his uniform.
  • Excellent detail on the multi-color patterned hands.

The Bad

  • Awesome figure, only complaint is a single fly away piece of paint on his chest and one on his left shoulder.

The rest

Though Miles burst onto the scene at a tumultuous time, he’s managed to hang in, garner his own fan base, and enjoy a plethora of well written and fun stories.  To have him in a top notch action figure is a great spoil of riches indeed.


Miles Morales is available at Big Bad Toy Store today!

The Pictures

We aren’t giving away Miles Morales today, but get in on our contest action forever.  You only need to do it once!
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