Marvel Legends: Kitty Pryde
The home stretch, a full 30+ days full or reviews, and we are down to the final four.  I’d like to say we’ve saved the best for last, so I will, and it’s mostly true.  Granted, I couldn’t wait to review Venom Space Knight until the end, that was, and remains my favorite of this massive run of action figures from Hasbro’s 2016 Marvel Legends lines.  Let’s get back to the ladies though.  Kitty Pryde checks in as part of the X-Men Juggernaut BAF wave and she’s really a fine art display piece.  There..I said it.

The Good

  • Kitty comes with Lockheed.  Lockheed can wrap his tail around her neck and be her shoulder pet….there is so much win in all the stuff I just said.
  • Once again, another exceptional femal face sculpt / design / paint.  She looks incredibly life like.
  • Clean sharp paint application does justice to one of Kitty Pryde’s most iconic outfits.
  • Kitty includes an alt head for the Onslaught BAF that serves to make Onslaught Onslaught and not Red…slaught.
  • As Kitty isn’t wearing boots, she’s one of the few female character figures that has no problems with balance or standing.

The Bad

  • She’s a very solid figure, making her more solid, a phased hand, limb, running change in phase mode?

The rest

Kitty Pryde puts together a remarkable figure with the right accessory and includes a “make up BAF” piece that adds value to BAFs gone by!  Most folks shouldn’t need to get past “she’s an awesome figure” to buy her, but if they do, getting the Juggernaut arm, AND alt head for Onslaught that makes Onslaught 100% more Onslaughty?  Color me full of value! Buy this figure!


Kitty Pryde is available for purchase today…so go get her at Big Bad Toy Store!

The Pictures


We aren’t giving away Kitty, but we are giving away Brother Voodoo, so get in on that!
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