Marvel Legends: Juggernaut BAF
It’s probably just me.  There are comic fans the world over that love the Juggernaut.  He’s always well written, he’s always entertaining.  He always delivers on the smashing of the things.  When I hear his name though, I can’t get past the existing video meme wherein he states several times, “I’m the Juggernaut b****”.  I can’t help think of it, and I can’t not say it in my head every time I hear or say his name.  I’m an adult, this shouldn’t be.  But it is, and so it goes.  What we’ve got here is 7 figures coming together to form one.  If you bought 7 figures of the 8 X-Men Marvel Legends wave, take out the build a figure pieces, and put them together, you get this.  Our final BAF of Legendary September (now it’s October, whatever).  The Juggernaut is the right size, as a BAF, that he should be.  He’s an awesome figure, but let me get to the good and the bad.

The Good

  • The story here are two things. 1 – he’s HUGE.
  • 2. He looks great.
  • Juggernaut features a comic accurate, very clean paint application and design.  His ab-crunch section features his iconic stripes and red, his boots look great, belt, braces, all molded perfectly.
  • The angry face is so discernable through the helmet!

The Bad

  • Greedy, I know.  It’s an awesome figure, but what makes him better?  An additional helmetless head…that’s what makes him better.

The rest

The Juggernaut as a build a figure just makes sense.  He’s not a character that should fit in one box, but 7…oh 7 is the right amount of boxes for a Juggernaut to smash through.  Get all of the X-Men except for Deadpool, make one of their biggest baddies.  Tough to ask for more.


7 figures.  You need to buy 7 figures to build this figure.  Good thing you can, at Big Bad Toy Store today!  The case also features Deadpool, and trust me, you’ll want him!

The Pictures


While we aren’t giving away Juggernaut, make sure you enter to win Movie Doctor Strange and enter for future giveaways, we should have 1-2 per week for the next few!
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