Marvel Legends: Iron Skull
Remember that time Red Skull stole Iron Man’s armor and became Iron Skull?  I couldn’t either…I read a lot of comics, I thought I just maybe missed it.  Near as my research can tell though, that’s not something that happened in the comics.  Which makes this possibly, the first time that the Marvel Legends line is bringing in a character that only ever appeared in one of Marvel’s cartoon TV shows, Avengers Assemble (Disney XD).  Awesome show, I’ve watched a bunch of episodes, admittedly not all, clearly missed Iron Skull’s run too.  If I’m right…well that’s pretty neat, if I’m wrong, commentators, please feel free to pounce.  I am admittedly not a fountain of infinite comic wisdom.

The Good

  • This is one of the most bad a$$ Red Skull head sculpts I have ever seen in the whole of my plastic obsessed collectin life.  Deep ridges, bulging features, he’s creepy and it’s awesome.
  • Alternate helmet with painted on red skull is fantastic as well.
  • The grey black paired with the deep red lines throughout the armor makes this figure pop in a big way.
  • Once again, assuming I’m correct, it is in fact pretty cool that Iron Skull is the first animated Marvel character to be brought to Legends.  Granted, I’m probably not right, but I’ll go with it for now.  Let’s say it’s the first character brought over from Avengers Assemble, then I’m probably more right.

The Bad

  • It would have been nice if Iron Skull came with a few of the additional swap out pieces included in the similarly built current Marvel Legends Iron Man figures (more hands, energy blasts, etc…)

The rest

I like this figure alot.  He’s unique, very detailed, and in the right company, certainly a conversation starter.  “I didn’t know the Red Skull stole an Iron Man suit?!” …”Well allow me to educate you”.


It looks like Big Bad Toy Store is waiting on more stock, Iron Skull is up for pre-order over there.

The Pictures

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