Marvel Legends: Iron Fist
Iron Fist see’s his second Marvel Legends release in as many years, having been releaseed in 2015 as part of the Allfather series of Marvel Legends.  What’s important to note though, that while it would have been cake to just repaint that white figure, which was already pretty good, Hasbro didn’t do that.  They put Iron Fist on the Pizza Spider-Man body, gave him some incredible accessories, and made his face less “punchy”.

The Good

  • Iron Fist comes with a much improved facial sculpt vs. the 2015 release.
  • The mystic energy hands that come attached by default are an accessory unlike anything I’ve seen.  The effect is incredible.
  • Additional hands as well as energy burst accessories are also fantastic.
  • In our Wolverine review we talked about extra fancy shoulder articulation.  This Iron Fist has it as well, which is fantastic for an acrobatic character like this to have that step up in Articulation.

The Bad

  • i would have liked to have gotten an unmasked Danny Rand head.
  • Not a knock on the figure, but it should be noted that hands are not swappable with the 2015 Iron Fist.

The rest

Iron Fist, having a minimal amount to do with Doctor Strange, and certainly nothing to do with the Doctor Strange movie, stands out a little bit in this Doctor Strange wave of figures, firstly because he’s not really related, but secondly, and more importantly, he’s an amazing figure.  I would suggest that fans of the White Iron Fist (which mind you is my favorite costume of his), should absolutely get this figure, it’s epic.


Pre-orders are sold out at Big Bad Toy Store, but Amazon is selling Iron Fist for a few bucks off!

The Pictures

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