Marvel Legends: Iceman
Let’s dive back into the Marvel Legends X-Men with Iceman today.  Because Iceman is one cold mo fo.  I’ll shut my mouth…

The Good

  • The ice effects, both subtle and noticeable in this Iceman sculpt are staggering.  Something truly special to look at.  Just an outstanding mold, that lord knows probably isn’t gonna work for any other figure ever.
  • The opaque ice effect looks fantastic.
  • Iceman is incredibly pose-able.  Pretty cool for a character who is so (f)rigid.
  • Head sculpt does justice to modern iterations of iced up Bobby Drake.

The Bad

  • As with many of the figures I’ve been reviewing in this 4 wave run of Legends, what’s the down side?  What’s not in the box!  Give me some projectile ice effects and an alternate half iced head!  Can we get #halficedhead trending?  That’d be weird really.
  • Not really a bad, but an opportunity for improvement. I saw one of the brilliant customizers out there on the Internet get a hold of this guy, and by adding some paint into the cracks and crevices of Iceman, they really took this figure to a whole other level.

The rest

Iceman is a solid figure and does well to capture this X-Men icon in plastic glory.


It’s still weird to me to see that this X-Men wave is available.  Every figure in the wave is a near perfect figure, but for some reason the only one you can’t find is Deadpool.  At any rate, get your Iceman at Big Bad Toy Store today!

The Pictures

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