Marvel Legends: Hobgoblin
Hobgoblin is getting a ton of Hasbro love these last two years!  Thanks to that love, you have at the very least, three ways to display this awesome character, though one, as a BAF from last years Spider-Man wave, is a far more expensive and illusive option.  In 2016 though, we get, as part of the Spider-Man Venom – Space Knight wave, a proper classic Hobgoblin.  He even comes with two heads, so he can be displayed as evil, or…super evil.  Whichever is your pleasure.  Let’s go see why he’s pretty cool!

The Good

  • Hasbro has achieved a perfect replication of Hobgoblin from what he looks like growing up in my brain.  Excellent character design of a classic baddie!
  • Hobgoblin comes with two heads, his traditional creepy as hell, and a step up demon Hobgoblin head.  Both address slightly different iterations and both look fantastic on the body.
  • Glowing yellow Pumpkin Bomb is included.
  • Hobgoblin’s glider is also included.  It’s important to note, Hobgoblin’s feet fit well in the glider, and it has pretty good balance, so you can stand him on the glider and the glider will lay on the ground for a cool flight pose.
  • Excellent shimmery paint app captures the scales of his blue perfectly.

The Bad

  • Why stop at one pumpkin bomb?  Gimmie two or three!

The rest

Hobgoblin is a well executed figure that does an excellent job of representing this classic character.  He also comes with Venom – Space Knights head…you may have read, that I really like that version of Venom.


Hobgoblin and most of his friends are sold out at Big Bad Toy Store.  You can hit Amazon though, he’s available for retail today!

The Pictures

Hobgoblin is a pretty cool figure.  As such…I think I’m gonna hang on to this dude, but we do have two more giveaways for you.  So like us, follow us, subscribe to us using the below links and get permanent entry into every single contest we will ever run ever!
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