Marvel Legends: Havok
The other Summers brother comes to the Legends table with this X-Men Marvel Legends wave featuring his modern costume and some pretty awesome accessories as we carry on with Legendary September!

The Good

  • The glow effect on Havok’s chest logo is amazing.
  • Fantastic paint applicatioin showing clean and sharp lines.
  • Energy blast accessories fit perfectly and look beautiful on display.
  • Silver pops against the black.

The Bad

  • Like the recently released Wonderman figure, it would have been cool if Havok had a spare “energized” pair of hands to go with his energy blast effects.

The rest

Havok is a clean, well designed figure with some great paint effects and fantastic accessories.  If you like Havok, you need this.  If you like X-Men, you need this.


Havok is available on Amazon for barely a song and dance! Get him now!

The Pictures

I sort of technically gave Havok away, to my brother.  He did this review.  He’s a huge fan and has his own Legends collection.  And, like I said, he did this review, so he earned it.
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