Marvel Legends: Enchantress
The Marvel Legends line put out some awesome figures at this years SDCC.  One of them, as part of the Raft set (6inch) was Enchantress.  Here, in the Doctor Strange wave of Legends 2016, she gets a single card release, which is absolutely justifiable.  Enchantress has a solid fan base, is an interesting character, and more awesome than the rest, makes a fantastic looking action figure!

The Good

  • Beautiful face sculpt.  Due to some tweaks in the paint around her eyes, this Enchantress looks better than the Raft version in my opinion.
  • Awesome, now becoming commonly used magic effect accessories for hands.
  • Excellent line detail throughout, very sharp, clean lines, look at the detail on her pants!
  • Enchantresses magic accessories / effects are a yellow green this time, it’s a nice contrast to her outfit, while in the Raft set, her effects were green green.  It was a little too much green.  This is better.

The Bad

  • A complaint I am finding to be all too common.  Due to high heels, Enchantress is very difficult to keep standing on two feet.

The rest

I really liked the Enchantress’s first release as part of the SDCC Raft box set.  This single card release improves upon the original in a few ways, she’s definitely a steal at what Amazon has her listed for today ($15.99), so you should definitely check her out and add her to your collection!


Enchantress, and all of the Doctor Strange Wave action figures are on sale at Amazon, at least at the time of this writing.  Get em!

The Pictures

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