Marvel Legends: Electro
When I grew up, Electro wore all green and had some sick lightening stripes and a funky face mask, and he was awesome.  Since then, he suffered Jamie Foxx and a weird music video version of a movie…so getting this compromise of an Electro in action figure format…I’m pretty psyched about it.  Let’s have a look at Electro from the 2016 Space Knight Venom BAF Spider-Man Marvel Legends figure wave!

The Good

  • Electro comes with two heads.  One is unmasked showing electrical burns on his head, the other is the absolute classic Electro mask that I grew up with.
  • All of the detail lines on Electro from his skull burns to the lines on his uniform are very clean as part of an overall very solid paint application.
  • Good articulation on a highly motile / flexible buck.
  • A good accurate representation of Electro in one of his many modern forms.

The Bad

  • While the extra head is something I can’t be more excited about, the omission of non-electrical hands is felt.
  • I’d like a modern Legendized version of super classic Electro please!

The rest

Doctor Strange is one of Marvel’s most interesting looking movies to date.  I think it’s going to be a fun, cerebral ride of a film.  That said, this figure absolutely does the title character justice in plastic form and I’m thrilled to be able to give him away (just him, no BAF no box) to one lucky reader.


Electro can be had for the steep price of the rest of the wave at Big Bad Toy Store today!  You can likely find him for less on the aftermarket, eBay / Amazon…but why not get a whole buncha figures at once?!!?

The Pictures

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