Marvel Legends: Eel
It’s 2016, at any point between their inception and today, did we think we’d ever have one, let alone two members of the Serpent Society in awesome 6 inch plastic?  I never thought’d happen and now after Cottonmouth and this Eel figure, I’m waiting with baited breath to see if Hasbro takes the plunge and finishes the team.  Heck, I’d kinda like em to shrink the mold and run these bad boys off in 3.75 inch too!  By the way, this is a Legendary September Marvel Legends Eel review…in case you were wondering how you got here and why.

The Good

  • I am highly appreciative that Eel has a pair of non-electrified hands, though I will tell you it leaves me scratching my hands as to why the same wasn’t included with Electro.
  • Being that this is a fairly simple figure mold wise, the paint had to be really good, really accurate to tell the story of the character, and thankfully, it’s very solid.  Excellent clean lines, perfect replication of the comic character.
  • The electrified hands look fantastic.

The Bad

  • Sometimes simple is perfect.  I really dont’ have any complaints about this figure other than I can’t just buy the rest of the Serpent Society today…or…CAN I!??!! …I can’t.

The rest

Too many people will pass this figure up for lack of knowing who this character is.  That’s a shame, go, Google this dude and be excited you can get a figure this fine looking to represent him in your collection.


Eel is available in a few places, and for pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store!

The Pictures

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