Marvel Legends: Dormammu
I’m pretty excited about this.  We are almost two weeks in to Legendary September (I know, I started late, sorry about that), and today, we finally get to our first Build a Figure (BAF)!  This is the second time Dormammu is getting the action figure spotlight.  His first release was back in 2015 at SDCC in the Book of Vishanti box set.  Back then, he was an absolutely amazing figure.  Today, he’s got a few changes but remains mostly the same, plus you have to build him through purchase of all figures in the Doctor Strange Marvel Legends wave (8 figures total).  I’m likely going to repeat some points from my first review, because they are still relevant for sure.

The Good

  • He’s just big and solid and mean looking.
  • The mold detail is amazing.  The color / paint application is fantastic.
  • He’s got plastic flame around his head and with the right light behind it, it will look staggering.
  • Different from the SDCC figure, the paint wash is a different color purple.
  • Also different, instead of a full purple shoulder / neck piece, the front of the piece is now painted black.

The Bad

  • I had a tough time getting the SDCC version of Dormammu to stand on his own.  This release doesn’t improve upon that, it goes down a step unfortunately.  I was unable to get his left leg “permanently” on the figure.  You can rest him on the leg, he looks great, but that the piece won’t snap on was disappointing.  I’ll caveat that with, I didn’t want to force it.  More force, it’d probably work.
  • Because of his girth, he’s tough to pose.  I don’t even care.
  • Flame headed skulls rocked until they didn’t.  Like the SDCC figure, the hair fell off.

The rest

This isn’t so much about the figure itself, but about how I’m excited that this will be our second ever, second opinion review!  Dormammu has been shipped off to for a second look.  We will share GeeksAgainst thoughts when they go live and we can’t wait to read them!


To get the figure, you have to buy the whole Doctor Strange wave of Marvel Legends…so go, do that at Big Bad Toy Store today!

The Pictures

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