Marvel Legends: Doctor Strange Comic Version
Another fantastic figure from the Marvel Legends Doctor Strange wave featuring Dormammu as the Build a Figure.  This Doctor Strange is a comic depiction version that was previously released as part of the Marvel Legends Hulkbuster wave of 2015.  That figure was a pretty sick figure. This figure is only slightly more sick, but any more sick is better than less sick…know what I’m sayin’?

The Good

  • This figure, as mentioned takes the solid figure released in 2015 and improves upon it by doing two things.
  • Changing the color of the magic rings from green to yellow, to look more magicy.
  • And adding the good Doctor’s iconic red cape.
  • And an arm from Dormammu
  • The cape has some very nice detail and etching.

The Bad

  • The paint around the belt buckle is a little sloppy.
  • Inclusion of additional non-spell casty hands would be appreciated.

The rest

Doctor Strange has gotten a lot of Marvel Legends love since 2015 and this figure, this wave doesn’t change that.  Some real gems are included, and this comic version of Doc S took a great figure and pushed it over the top with the addition of the cape.  The quesiton becomes…what’s in store for Doctor Strange wave 2? If?


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The Pictures

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