Marvel Legends: Deadpool
This is it…we come to our last figure of Legendary September.  Again, with the exception of Venom Space Knight (I’m not changing my mind, shut up), Deadpool is unquestionably the best figure that we are taking a look at in this run.  Folks are clamoring to get hands on him, he’s impossible to find at retail, and that’s really the reason why I’ve saved him for last.  I’m hoping by the time this posts, Deadpool is widely available, as news has come out that now whole 8-figure cases will ship with just Deadpool. For now though, let’s look at what we got, for $19.99, Deadpool comes LOADED with fun.

The Good

  • So many accessories, guns, knives, swords, a bazooka, an unmasked face, and…a taco.
  • Deadpool comes with a taco…  I know I said that above, but let that sink in.  He also comes with an alternate head, that has no mask on it, so you can make it look like he’s eating the taco.  I did that, the results are freaking magical, check out the gallery below when you are done reading.
  • Sturdy solid figure.  He feels like a bad ass assassin and moves like one with a ton of articulation, all that you’d expect, ankles, knees, ab crunch.  I think the only thing he’s missing is articulation at the half foot and the less used front arm swing / chest articulation, and that’s not a knock.
  • Deadpool comes with weapons, and holsters.  That’s the right thing to do Hasbro, thank you.
  • Really just a perfect paint app here.  Clean lines, excellent character design.

The Bad

  • I don’t have anything bad to say about Deadpool, he’s a fantastic figure through and through and you have every reason to want him.  I will tease a little for my friends at Hasbro…there is a 12 inch scale Deadpool coming that looks to be offering the same and more promises as this fantastic figure….what could be better than this 6 inch amazing figure you ask?  Make him 12 inches…there is definitely a Deadpool double entendre there somewhere.

The rest

He comes with a taco.  I don’t understand what else you need to hear to make you want this figure…


Today, as of this writing, Deadpool is the hardest freaking figure to find with the exception of maybe Scarlet Witch.  That however, should change soon if it hasn’t already.  Hasbro has recognized how hot this figure is, and they are getting cases of 8 Deadpool figures out to retail outlets so that you can get yours with limited to no hassle…and you should want to get yours!  That said, again, as of this writing he’s still sold out.  You can however, grab a case of 8 Marvel Legends X-Men featuring the Juggernaut BAF, Wolverine, Phoenix, Iceman, Cable, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Havok and Deadpool at Big Bad Toy Store today!


The Pictures


While we aren’t giving away Deadpool, make sure you enter to win Brother Voodoo! That giveaway ends tomorrow, and with our next post later today, so does Legendary September.
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