Marvel Legends: Captain Britain
I wanted to start off Legendary September with a giveaway.  Doctor Strange was an awesome fit.  I don’t however, want to wait 30 days to throw out some of my favorite characters…so I’ll do one of them on day 2.  Captain Britain!  This jolly ole’ chap sees his second Legends release, his first being a many moons ago “classic Excalibur” era Captain Britain outfit on a top heavy frame.  All things being equal, I prefer that deco / outfit to this one, but those neck muscles were hilarious…they fixed that here.  Let’s check him out.

The Good

  • Dead. On. Comic accurate representation of Brian Braddock in this costume as seen on the pages of New Excalibur (and then some).  Line perfect everywhere
  • Love the blacked eye slots with the slight blue eyes.
  • Perfect face sculpt with a good chiseled jaw line.
  • Captain Britain is a little bit taller than many of the other figures in the wave / line, which works to scale.  This also lends to making him feel a little bit larger than life, which for the character is perfect.
  • Belt accessory looks nice, gold of the buckle matches the gold of the boots.
  • Articulation for days for CB here.  Wrists, calfs, ankles, crazy head movement, ab crunch, waist swivel, double joints all over the place.
  • Very clean paint application.
  • Love the painted on lions on his shoulders.

The Bad

  • Very nit picky, but I’m struggling to come up with something bad for this life long beloved character in fine plastic, but it should be mentioned that his arm joint under the arm doesn’t match the blue paint present on the rest of his under arm, it is as red as it is on the top of his shoulder.  Sure?  Unsure?
  • I want a running change of this character with the high boots and classic Excalibur deco please… please…
  • Would have been nice to have an Excalibur accessory.

The rest

Captain Britain is one of my long favorite characters.  While this is my third favorite of his costumes, I’m thrilled to have him this well made in the 6 inch scale.   Captain Britain comes with one of the BAF Abomination Arms which we will take a closer look at in it’s own review….and maybe giveaway?


Captain Britain is available for order at Big Bad Toy Store today!

The Pictures

While we aren’t giving away Captain Britain, make sure you enter to win Movie Doctor Strange and enter for future giveaways, we should have 1-2 per week for the next few!
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