Marvel Legends: Cable
Remember New Mutants 87?  Cable’s first appearance, March 1990.  Fast forward 26 years, and my hasn’t he changed.  This time traveling character has evolved more than once and always managed to keep it interesting.  Happily, we can say the same for Cable in plastic.  He’s been around the action figure block a few times, he comes to us this time, for the first time near as I can tell, in this modern deco from the 2012 X-Sanction run.  He’s an exciting figure, but …how come?

The Good

  • Detail detail detail and texture texture texture.  Cable has buckets full of both all over him, his metal arm looks great, metal face.
  • Armor is also highly detailed and well affixed.
  • The included weapons are Cable perfect and the bullet magazine insert for the gun isn’t something I’ve seen in this toy line ever.
  • Fantastic size / proportions for this figure.
  • Good balance.
  • Good articulation not inhibited by the add on armor.
  • Cable includes the Juggernaut BAF waist piece.

The Bad

  • Fantastic figure, the only thing I can say is that I’d like a modern re-do of first appearance Cable and this isn’t it.
  • Ok, one other thing.  I really like when guys with guns have places to holster them.  If you’ve read MUReview for a while, it’s a thing I have. Cable only has hands, but at least his guns match how many hands he has, so it’s not awkward at a party.

The rest

Cable is the third or fourth most popular mutant by my count.  He’s going to land in a movie over the next year or two, and he deserves his status.  He’s consistently well written, always well designed.  This figure does Cable justice, and if he’s not in your collection already, this is my ringing endorsement that he should be.  Being that he’s never been released like this before…why not?!


Cable is a guy that you can mosey on into a store and just get…maybe even Big Bad Toy Store!

The Pictures


Sorry folks, I’m keepin’ Cable, but make sure you enter to win for future giveaways, we should have 1-2 per week for the next few!
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