The May 2012 issue of Total Film magazine gives us some more from Marvel’s The Avengers chief Joss Whedon with a particular mention about a Spidey rumor…

“The first movie I referenced when Marvel asked me what I’d do if they gave me the script was ‘The Dirty Dozen,” Whedon reveals. “People forgot, but that movie is an hour-and-a-half of training and 20 minutes of Nazi fighting. It helped me to say, you can have time to let these people get to know each other; their conflict can be as interesting as their conflict with the villain.” But it was Ridley Scott’s ‘Black Hawk Down’ that really “unlocked” The Avengers. “That’s when I realised we needed a war movie. With this many heroes, the only way you can really earn them – earn the idea that they are heroes – is that you put them through a meat grinder.”

“This isn’t the kind of movie where we’re going to wink at the audience,” promises Whedon. “There’s a great deal of humor and there are a couple of things where people will go, ‘Oh!’ if they’re very into Marvel. Here and there I’ve thrown references, tiny things I remember [from the comics], but it’s not one of those things where you look at and go, ‘Oh, that guy and that guy! It’s not Where’s Waldo?

“Do I think this is the ultimate Hulk movie? I’m going to tell you I do,” says Whedon. “I think what we’ve done with him is unprecedented and will blow people away.” Speaking on Jade Giant’s previous outings, Whedon says, “Those are not films I would have made. In the second one he got a [bit] of a ripped surfer look that didn’t make sense to me”

Drawing the line on the rumor, sparked by English actress Jenny Agutter, that said Spider-Man will cameo, “There is no Spider-Man in this movie!” declares Joss Whedon. “I feel so bad for Jenny,” sighs Whedon. “I think she just slipped on a name and the reporter ran with it. It’s not like she goes to Comic-Con every year…”

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