Unfortunately, thanks to some site issues, the original posting of this is long gone.  However, I still want to share with you all, my first customs!  But first…an image of how this might actually go down in the future…


So I was kicking around on another forum about a month back, and saw a concept for Johnny Storm custom figures.  Basically, just take Reed Richard’s head off of his body, and pop on a wave 1 Johnny Storm head.  This being well within my realm of artistic talent (and not much else is), I decided to tackle the challenge unwillingly.


I’ve never been a blow up or mess with your GI Joes kind of kid, so I was honestly afraid I’d break something yanking off heads, and I was afraid i wouldn’t be able to put them back on!  Getting over this, I took the challenge, ordered some cost efficient Reed Richard’s from Ebay of the FF and Modern costume variety, and Alan (friend of MUReview /onlinebuyer21 on Ebay), hooked me up with some Johnny Storm heads he had peg warming at a store by him.


All parts show up, and I set to work.  Everything went nice and easy, all parts fit, and everything came out great.  Have a look at the gallery below!




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