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Movie and celebrity gossip site What Would Tyler Durden Do took a break from celebrity bikini pictures today with a look at a guy in a special suit, namely a villain in Iron Man 3. Rocking the red white and blue armor, James Badge Dale’s Eric Savin seems to be taking on a role aside from that of Coldblood from the comics. Comic book fans know this armor as Iron Patriot, a guise the villain Norman Osborn took on as leader of the Avengers during the “Dark Reign” storyline.

Of course, Norman Osborn is also the Green Goblin, primarily a Spider-Man character, and thus tied up in film rights with Sony/Columbia Pictures. But that doesn’t mean this recognizable combination of patriotism and Iron Man armor can’t make a splash for a twist of a villain in Iron Man 3.
We’ve previously speculated about the Extremis storyline that will take on the bulk of Iron Man 3’s plot, and that may not change, but there will be more of the standard “other people getting armor” plots we’ve seen in the first two films as well, apparently. WWTDD flat-out states that Ben Kingsley will be playing the speculated Mandarin, though no actual studio confirmation of that has come yet.

Now as awesome as this looks and seems, I wonder if it is even possible for them to even use the Iron Patriot being he is tied to Mr. Osborn and Osborn being linked to the Spider Man movies.  Agreed it’s the Green Goblin/Osborn, but we all know how lawyers and legal jargon are.  I wonder if this is possibly a scaled down version of Detriot Steel?  All I can say, I hope to see a truly knock down, metal rending, thrown through buildings fight, between these two.



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