Iron Man 3 Hall Of Armor 2013

Update: This item was originally advertised to be an Amazon exclusive, and while we were aware that the item was showing up on Disney Store shelves, it has recently been confirmed to also be available at Walmart…for less than the Amazon price.

At San Diego Comic Con 2013, much to the delight of Iron Man fans, Hasbro announced the Iron Man 3 Hall of Armor Box Set.  Originally, this was branded to be an Amazon exclusive.  Interestingly though, it was turning up early at Disney stores over seas.  Distribution oddities aside, I was able to get my hands on one a little bit early to take a look for you good folks.  Let’s dive in, shall we?  (Scroll to the end for the full gallery if that is all you want).

Mark I

  • This is a direct re-paint of the Iron Man 2 Mark I.
  • While details were enhanced in some places (specifically the glow around the arc reactor), detail was reduced elsewhere.
  • Shading and military part details found on the original Mark I were removed in favor of a more flat paint application.
  • As with the original, the molding here is impressive with attention to detail for the many machined parts of the suit. 


Mark II

  • With the Mark II we have another straight repaint.
  • With the Mark II we have another repaint that doesn’t really hold up as well to the original detail wise.
  • Again we have enhanced detail around the Arc Reactor.
  • Again we have a significant amount of detail removed from the original.  All of the fine line black fill ins are gone and I feel that these points really made the original a great figure.
  • That said, and …again, this is a solid figure.

Mark III

  • Ok…assume it’s a repaint unless I say otherwise.
  • Assume the Arc Reactor is highlighted and more pronounced with a neat glow unless I say otherwise.
  • The paint here lacks the gloss and metallic look of the Iron Man 2 line release.
  • The figure is otherwise pretty nifty.

Mark VI

  • Yep…it is.
  • Yes, it’s a little bit less detailed than the Iron Man 2 release.
  • Yes it’s still pretty cool.

Mark 42

  •  YES!!!!  Reason 1 of 2 for this purchase!
  • A fully articulated…mostly, Mark 42!
  • Colors and mold are movie accurate.
  • Paint application is solid, if a little wishy washy on the back.
  • While we have elbows that bend here, as opposed to the Assemblers line release, we still have some shoulder joint limitation in that he can’t really ‘flap’ his arms.
  • We get some fantastic ankle articulation that is going to allow for a ton of great poses.

Tony Stark

  • If this box set didn’t have Mark 42, I’d of still bought it for Tony Stark.  This could mark the first reasonably easy to obtain 3.75 inch Tony Stark since the Iron Man movie toy lines began.
  • Tony features  some good articulation on what appears to be a G.I. Joe mold.
  • While the hair line seems like it’s maybe a little bit farther back than is reasonable for Robert Downey Jr. the beard is pretty dead on.
  • An interesting paint decision.  The Arc Reactor is glowing on all of the Mordred figures in this set…but it’s not glowing through Tony’s T-Shirt.


Final Thoughts

This set is a must have for Iron man fans and it has almost nothing to do with the Iron Man armors included (except for maybe the 42).  The truth is, if you are paying attention to this toy line, you’ve probably already got all of what’s in the box except for Mark 42 and Tony Stark.  For 39.99 though…I call those two, totally worth it!  Stepping back though, it’s easy to see that this is a great holiday gift set for Iron Man fans, and obviously / especially kids that are just coming on board to the franchise as a quick way to ‘catch em all’ at once.  That said, go buy it now at Amazon!  Ooof!! I’m sorry…it appears to once again be currently unavailable at that link.  Keep an eye on it I guess, hopefully it comes back in stock.

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