Last week, Hasbro dropped an epic bomb of SDCC 2014 Exclusive Goodness on us.  The Infinity Gauntlet set, featuring Thanos (with Translucent Gauntlet), Mistress Death (Swappable head / hand), Nebula and Starfox.  Let us also not forget the Amazing foam / plastic Gauntlet itself.

MUReview got very early hands on with a piece of the set (Thanks to a nameless, very shady old friend of  We will be reviewing the full set once (and hopefully) we get our hands on it.  For now, I just wanted to share with you these images of Starfox / Eros.

  • Starfox is incredibly comic accurate.
  • Paint application is solid.
  • However, and this is probably intentional, on the torso region of Starfox blue hues can be seen.
  • Side by side comparison and best guess interpretation confirms that this is a repaint of Quicksilver with added molded shoulders, collar and bracers.
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