Marvel Universe  Imagination Toys Custom Classic Night Thrasher!!  

Not 2 months ago Imagination Toys brought us an outstanding Custom Classic Nova.  He’s lonely…granted, I don’t know how that could be he is surrounded by nearly 500 of his closest friends and enemies…but, maybe someone from his own time period?  Check out…Night Thrasher!

The Good:

  • This figure could not have come out cleaner if it was made on an assembly line.
  • Outstanding head sculpt for the mask.
  • Slick clean detail lines.
  • Great solid color.

The Rest:

  • This is outstanding craftsmanship soup to nuts.  I absolutely love this figure and he will be displayed with pride for a very long time!


If you want one, hit up Imagination Toys...maybe they will hook you up!

The Pictures:

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