Marvel Universe Imagination Toys Custom Classic NOVA!!  

Long time friend of Imagination Toys hasn’t gone dark, hasn’t gone anywhere.  They have been pumping out week after week of amazing customs and putting them up on eBay for the fans to feast on, and the feast is something epic.  I’m putting together something special for’s second anniversary / birthday, and I was going through some of Imagination Toys stuff, just day dreaming about the cool stuff they could come up with to contribute..and I ran across an auction for Nova.  I won’t list out how the transaction went down, but suffice it to say that Imagination Toys is the greatest custom maker on the Internet, and also a life long friend that I’m happy to have made through this site.  That said, let me gush about how awesome this is.  Go check out more of his stuff while you read on eBay.

The Good:

  • IT’S CLASSIC NOVA!!!!!!!!
  • Imagination Toys (going forward in this review, known as IT) applies some of the most even and straight paint lines I’ve seen on a custom, to the point that his jobs frequently come out better than the genuine article.  This man is an artist and is respected by MUReview as such.
  • There is never paint rub! Ever!
  • It’s Nova, you have to try harder to mess up…just because Nova is so awesome.  Thank you for putting this out!
  • The color is just dead on.

The Bad:

  • This figure is epic, 1000 percent epic.

The Rest:

  • You need to check in with Imagination Toys daily.  You can hop over to his Facebook page, or his eBay store front, they are both full of staggering items that will make your wallet leave in tears.
    • Facebook
    • eBay   The stuff he has up now is just insane, Lockjaw, Phoenix, Wasps, Cannonball!  Others I don’t want to mention because I want them for me….Go get em!


I hope I got the only one, ever!! Mwuhahahahaha!

The Pictures:

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