Marvel Universe Imagination Toys Custom Classic Drax  

I know I know…Drax, we have Drax, he came in the Guardians of the Galaxy team pack and he’s going to be in the 2014 movie…isn’t that all we need?  Stop it! Stop it now and bite your tongue.  Drax isn’t the svelt galaxy surfing team player that Marvel has chosen to give us in current books.  Drax, to all who really know him is a lumbering destroying lunk head that ate an Infinity gem  Drax, in my heart, will always be what Imagination Toys sent me the other day, and I bring you now!

The Good:

  • Excellent scale!
  • Amazing detail!
  • Flawless paint application!
  • Look at the skull on the cape!! It’s tiny and perfect!

The Bad:

  • I’ll stop shouting now…

The Rest:


Imagination Toys is pretty awesome and if you ask nicely he may just make one for you…for some money.

The Pictures:

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