The New Warriors

Let me start off by saying, this isn’t as much a review as it is a share.  I absolutely love this team, I have since they declared themselves.  To have them in 3.75 inch format makes my heart light with glee.  I can’t credit the full team to Imagination Toys, because I already had a Marvel Universe in line Firestar, but the other 5 members, Nova, Night Thrasher, Namorita, Speedball and Justice are all him.  That said, if you are interested in any custom commissions from our friends at Imagination Toys, please shoot us an email and we will put you right into contact with him.

I’ve already covered Nova and Night Thrasher in their own posts, but I’m too excited to hold back the team shots to go through individual posts for Justice Speedball and Namorita.  That said, they have their own gallery sections below for you to enjoy.  As usual, Imagination Toys has outdone himself and we are honored to call him a friend of the site.




The New Warriors (Team)

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