It’s been a while since we’ve had a minute to breathe around here.  My actual job has been off the wall and there have been ongoing upheavals with my family living situation.  Thankfully, the dust has settled on the latter, and I am over the moon to bring this to you guys.

About 6 months back I moved into the home of my recently passed in-laws.  We started the settling process right away, we have two kids, we can’t wait on that.  However, the basement was a disaster. It was finished, but so under-cared for that it was not liveable or useable.  Also, it had 3 cats in it and I’m allergic.

Fast forward 4 months, the cats have been moved to their permanent home (sister-in law’s house, thank you Pat!) and renovations started.

Fast forward another 2 months and about $4k, renovations are complete thanks large and in part to my amazing nephew Richie who did most of the skill work but let me help sometimes.  I won’t call it a man cave because it really is a family space…I just got to decorate it.  I know I know, what is this HGTV?  Have a look at the pictures though, I think you will all enjoy!

I counted, I have around 475 3.75 inch Marvel figures between Universe, Thor, Cap, Iron Man, Spider-Man Legends and even Heroclix lines…the focus is obviously Marvel Universe, but I can’t forget the Bowen’s either!  I’m proud to say that what I believe to be one of, if not THE most complete loose collection on the East Coast is now on display short of only about 60 or 70 figures that are in storage bins…How many brown and tan Wolverine’s do I really need to display anyway?

Without further ado…I give you…Knowhere! (My basement)

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