Smith & Tinker has released a free update to their Marvel KAPOW! game for Apple mobile devices, now putting the power of Hulk at your fingertips. All you mobile gamers can now deflect with Captain America’s shield, blast with Iron Man’s gauntlet, slash with Wolverine’s claws, flick Spider-Man’s web, bash with Thor’s hammer and smash with Hulk’s fist as you vanquish an onslaught of cyber-bots based on Marvel’s greatest Super Villains.

In celebration of the upcoming Captain America DVD and Blu-Ray release, Marvel KAPOW! is on sale now through Tuesday October 25 on the Apple App Store where you can pick up the SD version for $.99 and HD for $2.99.

SNIKT!, SMASH! and BASH! as you save the planet with Marvel KAPOW!

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