Hot Toys Baby Groot

I’m actually really very sorry about this.  I had this sitting in my waiting to publish pile for a very long time!  Today, I checked, saw it, and well, now I get to share it with you all.  For Christmas, Mrs. preordered me this awesome little 1/4 scale potted Groot from Hot Toys.  An outstanding…if tiny, representation of his end of movie appearance in the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).  Generally known as Baby Groot, he’s tiny, he’s happy, he’s pretty pose-able for a figure with only one technical point of articulation (head joint).  Let’s see what else…

Baby Groot

The Good:

  • Groot is movie spot on.  Excellent duplication of lines and features, and face.
  • Groot is bendable in his torso and arms.  He generally stays in the position you bend him in with little if any push back.
  • 3 heads are included, one happy, one kinda happy, and one mostly just hangin out chillin’.


The Bad:

  • He’s really tiny.  1/4 of 12 inches is 4 inches…4 inches…is pretty tiny.
  • There isn’t a lot of reason to use the other heads.  The happy face is just something that makes you smile, so why change it?  I guess maybe you could use it as one of those mood display magnet type things…if you are sad, use the sad head.
  • Groot is poseable, but his bending is fairly limited.
  • He doesn’t actually dance.  Totally unreasonable request at this scale I know, but wouldn’t it be neat?

The Rest:

  • This was a great Christmas gift.  I’m happy to have him on my desk.  At the original preorder price, which I think was $65.99 it was as a tough sell, but my wife loves me.  At $44.99 it’s an easier pill to swallow, so Hot Toys must have realized…man that’s a lot of money for a tiny thing.



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