Are you ready for Hikari Friday?!
This Friday, we are giving away FOUR Hikari Sofubi Figures, including two Books-A-Million Exclusives!

24k Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Hikari Figures are both available exclusively through Books-A-Million.
Visit Book-A-Million online to pre-order your 24k Transformers Hikari Sofubi Figures now!

We are also giving away two Premium Hikari Figures!
Premium Distressed Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will be available at Funko retailers.

We are holding the giveaway via our social media channels.

Distressed Optimus Prime Premium Hikari Sofubi Figure

Distressed Bumblebee Premium Hikari Sofubi Figure


Books-A-Million Exclusive 24k Optimus Prime Hikari Sofubi Figure


Books-A-Million Exclusive 24k Bumblebee Hikari Sofubi Figure


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