MUReview was incredibly lucky to be able to head down to …up to HASCON today.  We got there just in time to check out all of the great Marvel Legends reveals.  We did a live blog of the 5:30 PM Marvel Legends Panel and you can check it out here.  For now though, just pictures of what was in that panel, as well as some after panel new figures on display!  Note, all reveals are 6 inch Legends!

X-Men Wave 2018 reveals, Psylocke, Storm, Wolverine (Tiger Stripe).  We also got a look at Apocalypse!

Avengers wave revealed Tony Stark unmasked / masked in his Invincible Iron Man armor from All New All Different Marvel.  As well a 2-pack featuring Klaw and Shuri.

Deadpool wave gets up close with Sasquatch and announces Paladin.

The Avengers wave, we got an up close look at Thanos, his classic gold and blue deco with the Infinity Gauntlet!  We also get a look at Cobra from Serpent Society!

Oooh! We also get a modern deco Spider-Woman!

Now…that’s all exciting, it really is.  You can hear me talk about how cool it all is, or youcanlookitthefreakinpictures!


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