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HASCON 2017 Exclusive: Captain Rex

We here at love Star Wars.  Yes, our site has a comic focus, but Star Wars is at the literal core of our being.  So when we are at a convention, faced with the opportunity to buy a sick Star Wars exclusive…we will exhibit less than appropriate self control, and we will probably buy that Star Wars exclusive…that happened at HASCON 2017…twice.  Here with Captain Rex, and again with the Luke / X-34 Speeder SDCC exclusive that was available at HASCON.  Now…our love of Star Wars doesn’t necessarily translate into a wealth of knowledge regarding Star Wars toys.  We have…many, including the 6″ Black Series scale Tie Fighter that I still swoon over when I look at…but I don’t want you to continue reading thinking you are looking at the words of a Star Wars toy expert.  I just really love a lot of them…

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The Good

  • The white sheen on Rex is beautiful, and because of it, it’s the second time I get to use the word “pearlescent” in like a week.
  • The Stormtrooper helmet size and scale make it perfect for Rex and other Stormtroopers to have a removable helmet. It looks great, it fits great.
  • So much tiny detail here, all of the kill marks all over him, from shin to helmet.
  • Paint here is super clean, sharp, all the lines are just perfect.
  • Good face sculpt, for me, looks just like him!
  • Excellent accessories, rifle, blaster.
  • Antenna on helmet is articulated.
  • This is the first Star Wars figure to use Hasbro’s face mapping tech to produce a highly accurate face sculpt!

The Bad

  • It’d be nice to have a holster / place to hang his blaster.  A note to this…while I still always like holsters, Hasbro packed in extensive weaponry due to this being an exclusive, including Clone blasters that he doesn’t usually tote.  He does have his pistol holsters though, so this is character accurate.

The Rest

I hesitated a little before picking up Captain Rex at HASCON.  In fact, I didn’t pick him up till day two.  It’s not that he’s not amazing, he is, and I’m thrilled to have him now that I do, it was more a matter of how deep in Star Wars do I want to go.  If he weren’t an exclusive, would I have grabbed him…50/50.  If I got a hands on look at him first, it would be 100% yes, I’d grab him.  This is a beautiful figure.  If you collect Star Wars, there is no question or reason not to get him.  If you don’t, he’s still a great collector piece that would look outstanding on your shelf.  While Rex got his first release at HASCON, you are going to have another chance to pick him up! 





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