MUReview has been fighting a full on love affair with the Transformers for a long time.  In 2017, the wheels are falling off that bus, and what we saw at HASCON has us drooling for what’s coming. …what’s coming? Dinobots!  An Optimus Prime that goes from Orion Pax all the way up to Optimus…and the literal grail piece for us, the must have.  Rodimus Prime!  Rodimus graduates from Hot Rod all the way up to Rodimus in a single package and it is jaw dropping!  Hasbro also did an outstanding job of not just showing off their full Transformers lines, but also of giving kids and fans a chance to play with everything!

Main Line | Movie | Robots In Disguise | Rescue Bots | The Rest

Transformers Generations and Reveals

Dinobots Dinobots Dinobots! Optimus Prime! Rodimus PRIME!!  We also learned today from our friends at Kastor’s Korner, one of the panel announcements, the Dinobots you see, they will combine!  Starting with the first episode of Transformers so long ago, we were in love, fast forward 30 some odd years, we are getting Transformers so unimaginably amazing at the time of episode one, that it’s tear inducing.


Movie figures!


Robots in Disguise


Rescue Bots


The Booth

The rest of the booth featured incredible Transformers collectibles, movie props, full cars, statues!  Also, shown off, the awesome Transformers clothing line, and the amazing mobile game, Transformers Earth Wars!


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