Star Wars is the focal point of any Hasbro conversation almost every time.  They make the most amazing Star Wars toys period.  Figures, vehicles, play sets, now dolls, toys for litlgeeks, role play.  The gang is all there and it always comes out for Star Wars.  What’s more, Star Wars just finished celebrating it’s own second retail holiday in Force Friday 2!  So…let’s check it all out!

Action Figures | Galactic Heroes |  Forces of DestinyRole Play | The Rest

Action Figures

Star Wars is coming off the highest point of the year until December just having finished off Force Friday.  Check out all of the amazing Star Wars figures goodies from 6 inch to 3.75 inch to 12 inch.  The diorama was incredible.  Everyone should want their own dewback, and now we all know what Supreme Leader Snoke looks like!  Also, I bought a Luke and Land Speeder SDCC Exclusive…I totally shouldn’t have, but since I did, look out for the review soon!


Galactic Heroes

The bread and butter for litlgeeks in Star Wars toys.  Amazing playsets, adorable figures. It’s all about the play here!


Forces of Destiny

I don’t want to call this Star Wars for girls, because it’s not.  Star Wars at it’s core is for everyone!  These beautiful figures though do a great job of showcasing the strong female heroes of the Star Wars universe in a way that no other line has done so far.  


Role Play

Star Wars role play is like no other.  Lightsabers, masks, helmets, Blade Builders!

The Booth

Land Speeder, Rey bike thingy, droids all over the place, live shows…the Star Wars booth had it all!  A Star Wars bean bag chair section, an action figure case photo opp, even the Emperors chair!


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