Twas the night before New York Comic-Con and all through the house.  Hasbro was stirring and making toys that will upset my spouse…ya like that? Thought of it myself.


Last night was the Hasbro pre-NYCC Party that I am hoping to continue to be invited to in perpetuity.  That said.  It was a really fantastic time!  MUReview got to see some neat late 2013 and 2014 product, have some free drinks, eat possibly the most incredible passed appetizer we have ever had, and go home with some neat toys too!  Allow me to walk you through the evening.








Star Wars

Taking place in a swanky location in Manhattan that was about as white washed as an Apple Store, the event began at 6:30.  After checking in, we were immediately greeted by the Star Wars Rebels (no product shown) and Star Wars Black 3.75″ displays.

  • Toryn Farr
  • Snow Trooper
  • Yoda Jedi Training
  • Luke Jedi Training
  • 6 inch Anakin


Captain America – The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier podiums showed off the soldier himself in 3.75 inch, a gorgeous 6 inch Hydra soldier, card back showing Zemo and the Red Skull as well as Cap.  We also got a look at the BAF Mandroid!

Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 showed off some outstanding 6 inch figures:

  • Goblin (Baf)
  • Beetle
  • Black Cat
  • Carnage
  • Electro
  • Movie Spider-Man
  • Superior Spider-Man

In addition, 3.75 figures were shown

  • Backpack Spider-Man
  • Glider Spider-man
  • Axe Spider-Man
  • Light up Electro (Jamie Foxx version)

Moving on from here was one of the surprises of the night, KRE-O Dungeons and Dragons!!  Actual firing catapults included!  There were cards, and dice, and minifigures….I needed these in middle school!

A little further down the display path, we got a sneak peak at Transformers 4 Optimus Prime!!!


After Prime, the showroom flowed into a build your own Constructbots Transformers station, where people very much were constructing for the whole night.  Admittedly…I may have had to swipe a chest piece off of a demo model to complete my own masterpiece..but I admitted it, so, we’re cool, right Hasbro?

Not sure if you’ve heard about these, because maybe you’ve been living under a rock, but Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods are awesome!  Real life Angry Bird Yoda is beamed right into your iOS or Android device through a QR code to the camera, and you get to rip up levels however you choose with your favorite bird or pig!!  Everything shown is available for purchase now.

Now after the Telepods, and in between a little, we glazed over some My Little Pony, and some Furby.  You’ll forgive me for not going picture crazy there, I know that’s not really this audience, but if you have daughters or are a nice young lady, you can check out our upcoming press release posts for each.

At the end of the line was a Nerf target practice center featuring 4 Nerf guns….Zombie guns.  A pistol, a crossbow, a revolver (freaking awesome) and a spray and pray shotgun.  We partook, we enjoyed.  I’m getting a revolver for the office.

Thank you again Hasbro for the great time, the great reveals, and we can’t wait for another great year of toys from the boys in Rhode Island (Hasbro).


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