We hope that you enjoyed our coverage of the Hasbro Fan Media event Marvel products HERE.  Here however you will find the rest of what went on at the event.  All the other awesome tricks up Hasbro’s sleeves.  Don’t sleep on the Angry Birds toy line, it’s a fantastic amount of fun and the kids really love it!

With that said I want to take this opportunity to thank Hasbro  and Hunter PR, Joe and Justin for getting me into the event and for sending me home very happy.  Also though, special thanks to the rest of Hasbro for their products but more for their passion. Watching each presenter on stage, you can see that these are all people that love their lines their products and creating things to make us all drool.  Thanks Hasbro, Thanks Hunter, Joe Justin!  Can’t wait to see what’s next!


I’ll start with transformers because that’s where I came in…they are showing Titan!!  (I got pictures!) He’s huge….SHIELD Hellicarrier huge.  But he’s a robot, lights sounds, fully transformable, helipad landing zone.  This thing is epic!  This is how they kick off the Transformers 30th Anniversary, coming in fall, estimated at $125 and packaging is down stairs for us to peak.


Angus Walker, Kre-O brand manager is excited to show us 2013 Kre-O.  So far we have Transformers, now we will get a look.

Transformers Kre-O, Beast Hunters line, 70 new collectible KREONS, 10 new building sets.  They’ve got a big dragon, but Hasbro is really excited about the new line of 36 KREON Micro Changers.  They are KREONs that can be in robot form or rebuilt to their transport mode.  Wave 1 is out right now.  Wave 2 will find us with some Destructicons, and some movie classics Arcee!  Wave 3 has a few more Destructicons.  Micro Changers also has the Micro Changer Combiner set, 7 will be released this year, Devastator, Predaking, Bruticus, next up is Defensor  and Piranacon, with another, Abominus.

Sharing something top secret (that’s what the screen says), Beast Hunters for Fall 2013, the Autobot command center building set.  This is the first KREON based Transformers play set.  If I had this stuff growing up I’d wager to say I might even be a little more nerdy…  Also just announced, a customizable figure assortment, available for a limited time only, characters like Optimus, Bumblebee, not blind bagged, each figure comes with a series of extra parts, “you can really customize your figures”.  The first wave has Optimus, Bumblebee, Iron Hide, Star Scream, SoundWave and Megatron.

Next up is Star Trek KRE-O.  This will be out April 29th to support the new film.  Releasing we will have the Enterprise featuring LightTech technology.  The Enterprise comes with Kirk, Spock McKoy and two spec ops.  We will also get a Bird Of Prey with Kirk, Uhura and two Klingons. Now showing is Spock’s Volcano ship / mission.  You can fill the Volcano and launch out studs for a simulated eruption.  We now see a Transporter set featuring Scotty…can’t hurt to have Shaun of the Dead in plastic form!  Hasbro will also be selling Micro Build assortments of ships.  Looks like blind bag, and the stands are illuminated.  The last set showing, the Space Dive set with Kirk vs. a Spec Ops figure, this is the first ever light up KREON (Kirk in space suit).

There is also the Figure assortment, which features characters from the history of Star Trek, not just related to this new movie, even a little Borg action going on, and Wharf!

Toys R Us will also be going with an exclusive Fighter Pod line.

Moving on they jump us into GI Joe.  There will be a TRU exclusive GI Joe KRE-O line.  As explained, this line is being brought to us with great effort and passion.  GI Joe KRE-O captures the ‘ninja’ of the GI Joe movies.  We will get 9 building sets and 28 KREONS to collect.  Wave 1 of mini figures which have already been announced should be noted that these little guys look remarkably like their 3 and ¾ older cousins, Quick Kick, Alley Viper, Scarlet, Jinx.  The release of Wave 1 is scheduled for next week, wave 2 though….. Dr. Mindbender, Blowtorch, Cobra Eel, the BAT, Major Blood, Snow Job, Dreadnok Ripper, Tunnel Rat, Mutt and Junkyard.  This is a nice assortment.   Remember, this is a Toys R Us exclusive.

New sets, Ghoststriker X-16 including Ace and a Cobra Trooper.  Next up is the Arashikage Dojo including Baroness, Destro, Cobra Hiss Tank, Snake Eyes, Timber and more.  Why don’t we have real world HISS tanks?

 GI Joe

Now onto the big boy GI Joe presentation.  Most of what is fun, we’ve seen already (NYCC and before).  GI Joe Retaliation will be in theaters March 29th..delayed from a year ago. 2013 will give us Action Figures, Vehicles and Micro Force.  10-Inch movie Ninja Commandos are already out for purchase.  12 Inch Figures will feature Road Block, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow….where Storm Shadow looks old school fantastic.  For 3.75 figures, wave 1 and 2 are already out.  Firefly has been a hot figure and will get a chase, as well, the Ninja Duel Snake Eyes (Hot Toys is basing their figure off of this).  Wave 3, Crimson Guard, Combat Ninja (Cobra), but we know about this, 7 new figures.  Ultimate Flint, Ultimate Roadblock (these are coming), Budo Saumrai Warrior…I remember Budo!, Ultimate Storm Shadow (based on the Sunbow reference).  The Ultimate Cobra Commander (hooded not helmeted).  Oooh, he’ll be hooded AND helmeted!  Data Viper! I will be purchasing this for my desk no matter what!  Last new figure, Kwinn (tracker from the Marvel books).

Let’s check out Wave 4, Blind Master, Cyber Ninja, Dark Ninja, Joe Colton, Kim Arashikage, Lady Jaye, Night Viper and Red Cobra Trooper.  Now on to Showdown sets, Wave 1 and 2 are already out, go buy em, they look cool…and of course there is a Ninja team…of course.

Now we’ve got vehicles.  3 Motorcycles and a Cobra Night Landing Raft (w/ Cobra Eel).  Bravo Vehicles will give us the neat newfo HISS Tank…now. A surprise, they are rebuilding the Tomahawk Helicopter.  I loved this thing, but they can’t call it the Tomahawk, it will be the Eaglehawk, comes with Lift Ticket, releasing in fall, totally retooled.  New winch, more cargo room, and it has been rebuilt with foldable rotors to keep the footprint nice and tight.

Star Wars

Fall 2013, something big is coming…an all new figure collection…gasp!  The Black Series 6 inch collection.  This line is looking to really recapture the scenes that inspired them.  The line starts with X-Wing Luke, Gentle Giant is sculpting these figures with Hasbro, the detail is phenomenal.  They are showing us the packaging and it looks slick…could it inspire me to actually collect MISP?  Probably not, I have a 3 year old…but! Today, we get to see Wave 1, 3 of 8 figures for Fall 2013.  Darth Maul with dual saber that comes apart and his cloak, R2-D2, comes with all kinds of crazy accessories from the movies along the way, and the Sand Trooper.   Never seen a Sand Trooper quite as accurate…maybe we were meant to think….

Now, we get a Star Wars 3.75 Black Series!  Everything done in vintage will now go into Black series.  We will see a new Anakin with removable hand, a Clone Trooper Sergeant, a Biker Scout, Darth Vader with interchangeable hand, Clone Pilot, Yavin Ceremony Luke (this will be the most…correct Luke from Yavin possible ever).  We will also get Padme (Geonosis Arena) and a super articulated Biggs.  Wave 2 will give us Mara Jade, Stormtrooper, R2-D2, Pablo Jill, Luminara Unduli and a Clone Trooper.

Now onto the Star Wars Saga Legends 3.75 figure line.  The entire 3.75 line has been redesigned, the price has been cut and this is for kids to build out their SW galaxy.  These figures are articulated at 5 points and inspired by the simplicity of the vintage Kenner line.  Wave 1 (in a line of 12 figures) Obi Wan, his droid, Yoda, Mace Windu, and the Clone Shock Trooper.  There will also be a value pack Mission Series, 2 series buddy packs of figures just ‘hanging out’, Vader and the Seeker Droid, Anakin (Sith) and the 501st Clone Trooper, Jango and a Battle Droid, and a Trooper and another droid.

Vehicles for this line will include Obi Wan’s Jedi Fighter, Slave 1, the Republic Fighter Tank, and the Anakin Jedi Starfighter.

Moving on, the kiddies will get 12 inch figures featuring… Anakin, Clone Trooper, Obi-Wan and Vader.

Because the kids wanted it, Hasbro has built it…a figure that turns from Anakin into Darth Vader.  It’s a 12 inch figure with lights and sounds (blue saber),  when you put the facemask on, the figure sounds become Vader only and the light saber lights up red.  I don’t care who ya are that’s pretty neat right there… The transformation includes the helmet cape, saber and chest piece.

Toys R Us will get some exclusives, the Battle of Geonosis Vintage Republic Gunship featuring Yoda and two Clone Troopers.  The turrets on the vehicle are movable.  Now, in the same way they hold over the vintage Millenium Falcon (out now with a bagillion dollar price tag), we get a Vintage Kenner style X-Wing.  A Target Exclusive will find us with a box of Vader Origins including Vader, Sidious and the infamous table.  K-Mart hilariously will get the scanning crew pack to let walk on board the awesome vintage Falcon already available.  K-Mart also gets an Ewok pack with catapults.  Online retailer exclusive gives us the Vader evo pack featuring little Ani up through Vader.  Amazon will get a vintage Tie Interceptor (figures not included).  Amazon also gets the Slave 1 (Boba Fett, where? …at Amazon..but not with Boba, it comes with Han in Carbonite).

Star Wars Jedi Force figures are scaling at 5 inches, they are putting out some new adventure packs featuring C-3P0 with Jabba slime.

Angry Birds Star Wars line continues into 2013, Wave 2 gives us Boba, C-3P0, Yoda! So many others I couldn’t write down. They also have foam fliers battle packs, and a Darth Vader carry case harkening back to the original 1980s case.

The Star Wars boys wanted to leave us wth one more Star Wars Black tidbit…an SDCC tease, Han in Carbonite, a mysterious logo…and that’s it for Star Wars.


Check out our Hasbro Marvel coverage here and check back often for our full breadth of Toy Fair 2013 coverage, and check out below for a few random pics.

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