Every  year  Hasbro  offers  an  exciting  lineup  of  panels  to  give  fans  an  inside  look  at  its  brands  at  Comic-­‐Con.    In  2013   Hasbro,  will  present  the  following  panels:

• Transformers  Prime  Beast  Hunters,  Thursday,  7/18/13,  11:00a.m.  -­‐  12:00p.m.,  Room:  25ABC   Members  of  the  Hasbro  and  Hasbro  Studios  team  as  well  as  special  guests  will  give  fans  a  peek  behind  the   curtain  of  the  popular  animated  series  currently  airing  on  the  Hub  TV  Network!    Attendees  will  learn  details   about  the  upcoming  epic  conclusion  of  the  award-­‐winning  series  including  the  “Predacons  Rising”  DVD  launching   in  October  and  a  TV  movie  event  airing  on  the  Hub  Network.  Room:  25ABC

• Transformers  30th  Anniversary,  Thursday,  7/18/13,  12:00p.m.  -­‐  1:00p.m.,  Room:  25ABC   One  of  pop-­‐culture’s  most  prolific  brands  kicks  off  its  30th  Anniversary  celebration  at  Comic-­‐Con  International!   Join  members  of  the  Transformers  brand  and  design  team  to  celebrate  the  legacy  of  “Robots  in  Disguise”  and   get  a  “More  Than  Meets  The  Eye”  first  look  at  the  Thrilling  30  line  of  special  edition  action  figures  and  more.   Transformers  team  members  will  also  host  some  Q+A  for  your  burning  Transformers  questions!  Room  25ABC

• Hasbro:  Star  Wars,  Friday,  7/19/12,  1:00pm-­‐2:00pm,  Room:  7AB   Join  members  of  the  Hasbro  brand  and  design  team  including  Derryl  DePriest  (VP,  Global  Brand  Marketing,   Hasbro),  Jeff  Labovitz  (Director,  Global  Brand  Marketing,  Hasbro)  and  more  as  they  discuss  the  popular  Hasbro   Star  Wars  and  Angry  Birds  Star  Wars  line.    Attendees  will  also  get  a  sneak  peek  of  upcoming,  never  before  seen   action  figures.    Derryl,  Jeff  and  team  will  also  host  some  Q+A  for  your  burning  Star  Wars  action  figure  questions!   Room  7AB

• My  Little  Pony  Friendship  is  Magic,  Saturday,  7/20/13,  10:00a.m.  -­‐  11:00a.m.,  Room:  25ABC   Join  special  guests  from  Hasbro  Studios  and  The  HUB  TV  Network’s  “My  Little  Pony  Friendship  is  Magic”  as  they   share  details  of  the  making  of  the  popular  animated  series  and  how  the  “friendship”  and  “magic”  are  brought  to   life.    Fans  won’t  want  to  miss  it!    Also  includes  Q&A  time.  Room  25ABC

• Hasbro:  Marvel,  Saturday,  7/20/12,  4:00p.m.  -­‐  5:00p.m.,  Room:  25ABC   Adam  Biehl  (Vice  President,  Global  Marvel  Line  at  Hasbro),  Jesse  Falcon  (Director  of  Hardlines,  Marvel),  Dwight   Stall  (Senior  Marvel  Product  Design  Manager,  Hasbro)  and  Maalvika  Mantripragada  (Sr.  Manager,  Global   Marvel  Line  at  Hasbro)  discuss  Hasbro’s  popular  Marvel  action  figure  lines.    Attendees  will  also  get  a  sneak  peek   of  upcoming,  never  before  seen  action  figures.    Adam,  Jesse,  Dwight  and  Maalvika  will  also  host  some  Q+A  for   your  burning  Marvel  action  figure  questions!  Room  25ABC

HASBRO  BOOTH  EVENTS     Below  is  a  schedule  of  activity  for  Hasbro  booth  (#3329)  throughout  Comic-­‐Con  International  including  KRE-­‐O,  MARVEL,  MY  LITTLE  PONY,  NERF  and   TRANSFORMERS  giveaways  and  autograph  sessions  for  the  G.I.  JOE  and  MY  LITTLE  PONY  brands.  All  giveaways  and  events  are  subject  to  change.

Wednesday,  July  17  

• 6:00–6:30p.m.:  Zombies  invade  the  Hasbro  booth!  NERF  ZOMBIE  STRIKE  Special  Edition  Promo  Dart  Pack   giveaway  (while  supplies  last).           (more…)

Thursday,  July  18  

• 9:00–10:00a.m.:  Zombies  invade  the  Hasbro  booth!  NERF  ZOMBIE  STRIKE  Special  Edition  Promo  Dart  Pack   giveaway  (while  supplies  last).

• 10:00–11:30a.m.:  KRE-­‐O  STAR  TREK  Building  Set  Giveaway  and  KRE-­‐O  Coupon  Giveaway  (while  supplies  last).

• 11:30a.m.–noon:  KRE-­‐O  TRANSFORMERS  DEVASTATOR  KREON  Figure  Giveaway  (while  supplies  last).

• 1:30–2:30p.m.:  TRANSFORMERS:  The  Ride-­‐3D  Special  Edition  Poster  Giveaway  (while  supplies  last).

• 4:00–5:00p.m.  -­‐-­‐  Autograph  session  with  John  M.  Chu,  the  director  of  G.I.  JOE:  RETALIATION.  Tickets  are   required  for  participation  and  will  be  distributed  for  free  in  the  Hasbro  booth  beginning  at  9:00a.m.  on  Thursday   morning  (while  supplies  last)

Friday,  July  19

• 9:00–10:00a.m.:  KRE-­‐O  Special  Edition  Poster  Giveaway  (while  supplies  last)   • 10:30–11:30a.m.:  MY  LITTLE  PONY  Poster  Giveaway  (while  supplies  last)

• 3:30–4:30p.m.:  Autograph  session  with  G.I.  JOE:  RETALIATION  actor  Ray  Park  (SNAKE  EYES).  Tickets  are   required  for  participation  and  will  be  distributed  for  free  in  the  Hasbro  booth  beginning  at  9:00a.m.  on  Thursday   morning  (while  supplies  last)

• 5:00–6:00p.m.:  Zombies  invade  the  Hasbro  booth!  NERF  ZOMBIE  STRIKE  Dart  Promo  Pack  giveaway  (while   supplies  last).

Saturday,  July  20  

• 10:00–10:30a.m.:  MARVEL’S  IRON  MAN  3  MINI  MUGGS  Figure  Giveaway  (while  supplies  last)

• 11:30a.m.–noon:  Autograph  session  with  MY  LITTLE  PONY  FRIENDSHIP  IS  MAGIC  cast.  Tickets  are  required  for   the  session  and  will  be  distributed  beginning  at  9:00  a.m.  on  Saturday  in  the  Hasbro  booth  while  supplies  last.

• 1:00–1:30p.m.:  MY  LITTLE  PONY  Hair  Extension  and  Cutie  Mark  Giveaway  while  supplies  last.  The  first  475   people  in  line  also  receive  a  complimentary  ticket  for  a  3:00pm  EQUESTRIA  GIRLS  Movie  screening  on  Saturday   at  Reading  Cinemas  in  the  Gaslamp  District  while  supplies  last.

• 4:00–5:30p.m.:  KRE-­‐O  CITYVILLE  INVASION  DR.  MAYHEM  Building  Set  Giveaway  and  Coupon  Giveaway  (while   supplies  last)

• 5:30–6:00p.m.:  Zombies  invade  the  Hasbro  booth!  NERF  ZOMBIE  STRIKE  Dart  Promo  Pack  giveaway  (while   supplies  last).

Sunday,  July  21

• 9:00-­‐10:00a.m.:  MY  LITTLE  PONY  Poster  Giveaway  (while  supplies  last)

• 10:30–11:30a.m.:  KRE-­‐O  STAR  TREK  Building  Set  Giveaway  and  Coupon  Giveaway  (while  supplies  last)   • 11:30am–1:00p.m.:  Zombies  invade  the  Hasbro  booth!  NERF  ZOMBIE  STRIKE  Dart  Promo  Pack  giveaway  (while   supplies  last).

• 1:00-­‐2:30p.m.:  KRE-­‐O  CITYVILLE  INVASION  DR.  MAYHEM  Building  Set  Giveaway  and  Coupon  Giveaway  (while   supplies  last).

• 2:30–4:00p.m.:  KRE-­‐O  TRANSFORMERS  DEVASTATOR  KREON  Figure  Giveaway  (while  supplies  last).

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