Hasbro SDCC Exclusive 2014: Rom The Spaceknight

One of the more unexpected SDCC Exclusives, Hasbro let loose the bomb on the Internet just a short while before SDCC that they would be bringing along a Mighty Muggs Rom the Spaceknight!  Simply the news delighted long time fans of the oft swept under rug character.  There has been a clamor for Rom in any scale.  To get him as a Mugg I’m sure made a lot of folks happy.


The Good:

  • It’s a perfect bubbly replication of Rom!
  • Blaster is included and fits very well in hand.
  • Excellent line detail and paint application.
  • The red eyes feel almost 3-dimensional.
  • Arm and head movement is welcome and is just enough to pull off a funny pose or two.

The Bad:

  • He’s not a Marvel Legends Scale figure.
  • He’s not a Marvel Infinite Scale figure.


The Rest:

  • Who doesn’t love a classic character getting some attention?!


  • eBay if you missed it at the con,  or if you missed it on Hasbrotoyshop.com.  The prices are still pretty reasonable but I wouldn’t wait on this if you really want it.




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