It is with a heavy heart, Marvel Universe fans, that I bring you news that has been circulating for about 24 hours now.

Those of you looking for one last Marvel Universe fix since the (soft) release of Wave 24 (Omega Red Wave), apparently only have one more chance, Northstar.

Officially canceled from 2013 and team-pack-hood are the Asgardian Team Pack (Thor, Valkyrie and Executioner) and the Astonishing X-Men team pack (Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus Juggernaut).

In what appears to be official communication with Marvel Toy Line site, Hasbro states:

‘Those 3packs will not coming out in that format.However some individual figures from the 3packs will be released in the 2014 3.75” assortment as single carded figures,so they will still make their way out to consumers.It is always important for Hasbro,when it can,to deliver figs that have been publicly discussed at convention panels,toy fairs,etc.As such,while the packaging format may differ,the brand team is looking into ways to make these figs that were intended for release in 2014 available to consumers’

The silver lining is that we should be getting these figures, but if they are coming in 2014, we can expect the Marvel Universe branding to be absent.  Good news for the future, sucky news to close out 2013.

Please note, this information is not in any way confirmed from or by, this was reported on  We are simply echoing as our duty to share news of our favorite toy line with you.

And now…a moment of silence for the friends we lost in 2013 ….and 2012 because why not.

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