In Hasbro News this morning from Hasbro Pulse, we get a teaser image of four new Hasbro 3.75 Marvel Legends figures.  The image shows off one character with the other four blacked out.  I think I am dead on with two of three and I’ll share my thoughts below the picture.

Hydro-Man is the reveal in this week’s Hasbro Pulse unveiling of Marvel Legends 3.75” Wave 3. It’s the series debut for the longtime Marvel villain. Hydro-Man transforms his body into water and takes down the good guys with tidal force!

Now, for the other 3….I’m pretty well convinced that the second figure is none other than Quasar!!!

Third Figure, I have my guesses but I’m not positive.

Fourth figure is without question Morbius.


What are your guesses?!?!

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