2014 Toy Fair Hasbro Media Event – 2-15-14

MUReview is proud to bring you, for the third straight year, coverage of the Hasbro Preview event from the Times Center in Times Square New York.

Before we get rolling, thank you Hasbro for including MUReview.  Words cannot convey the deep level of gratitude that I feel about being a part of today’s events.  It means the world to us, and it means the world to our readers.  I am honored.  I am also honored that the wonderful and amazing Mrs. MUReview.net was able to join me this afternoon.  It was with her support that I was able to capture all that I did.  Without her, as with in all other things, it would have been a job half done.

And one more thing… I apologize for the lack of picture overload.  It got a little Walmart on Black Friday vibey in the show room, so I tried to make sure I grabbed the Marvel new stuff with priority, whatever else I got, I got.  Press images to follow…now.

In stark contrast to last year’s Hasbro Preview event, this year, the auditorium is packed, very few empty seats.  Today will see some snow, but last year, we had just been hit with 18 inches the night before, and people just couldn’t make it out.

All that being said, I bring you the Hasbro presentation in its entirety, in the order it was given to me.  For all of you Marvel fan’s skip down to the end.  Let’s talk about what they showed us today! (Dear Hasbro, please excuse the butchering of the names of all of the presenters. You didn’t write it on the screen, I had no chance.)

In case anyone was wondering, this is the 7th annual Hasbro entertainment brand preview event.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls – Presented by Matt Prue.

The second My Little Pony Equestria Girls film is coming out this year, Rainbow Rocks.  The Ponies will be back as well as the main six characters using the power of music to restore harmony to Camelot High.  The crowd was treated to a teaser.  I’m sure there is a young female audience for it, but MUReview being what it is, I will simply say, it’s probably really good for that audience, coming Fall 2014.

Transformers – presented by Jerry Gavoine, Joshua Lamb

The Transformers 2014 line comes with a message, Hasbro Loves Transformers Fans (graphic was displayed, it was very informative.)  Hasbro is looking to imagine the Transformers brand for a new generation as well as amp things up for fans too.

Hilariously enough, and I’m pointing this out because I did in fact laugh….they mentioned that they were ‘recruiting’ fans through Rescue Bots.  That’s both devious and brilliant.

–          We can expect 73 collector figure releases between the Movie Generations line and the Classic Generations line.

Movie Generations – Wave 1 Deluxe

–          High Octane Bumble Bee (a black mustang with new tooling)

–          Crosshairs – dude has a trench coat and was in the Superbowl commercial.

–          Dinobots – Slug

–          Dinobots – Scorn

Movie Generations – Wave 2 Deluxe

–          Drift (Autobot)

–          Strafe (Dinobot)

–          Slash (Dinobot)

Movie Generations – Voyager Wave 1

–          Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (homage to the classic)

–          Grimlock (this ain’t your daddy’s Grimlock)

–          Hound – 7 separate weapons work in vehicle or robot mode.

–          Wait for it….GALVATRON. (he’s a truck).

Movie Generations – Leader scale

–          Optimus Prime

–          Grimlock

There are some reveals being saved for the remainder of the year, so we didn’t get everything.

Classic Generations – 30th anniversary of Transformers – Legends Wave 3.0 (1 and 2 are already released)

–          Gears w/ Eclipse –  Some dude just had an autogasm.

–          Decepticon  Acid Storm and Venin.

Classic Generations – Deluxe wave 4

–          Nightbeat – Autobot

–          Jhiaxus – Decepticon

–          Autobot – Fans Choice Winner – Windblade (f’n awesome).

Classic Generations – Voyager Wave 3

–          Roadbuster – Autobot

–          Predacon Skybite


A New scale was introduced, the Classic Generations LEADER SCALE.  This scale launches with the absolute classic, Jetfire!

Hasbro promised that there is a ton more to reveal…just not today.

Now, Hasbro moved on to their presentation targeting the younger generations of Transformers fans, and what they showed was absolutely jaw dropping!

Hasbro is simplifying and reinventing the brand.  No more 30 step instructions.

The presenter just whipped out a Bugati car and pulled some switchblade nonsense, it turned into a freaking robot.  Hasbro wants to go back to getting kids excited for what more than meets the eye actually means.

Hasbro went on to a teaser video of Transformers one touch transforming in all kinds of ways, flip, twist, and arm spin.

Now, how about a giant a$ $(22 inches) Grimlock that transforms from dino to robo in the pull of a single lever?  Sign my child up, TAKE MY FREAKING MONEY!!

And Hasbro will be delighted to, in Fall of 2014.

The audience was treated to a sneak peek at the 2014 bound Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark game.  Looks like it will feature various versions of autobots spread between Earth and Cybertron.

Kreo – GI Joe and Transformers – presented by Kristin Hamilton

Transformers Kreo

Sorry folks, slides here were moving fast and furious but I’ll do my best!

Micro Changers – Wave 1

–          Movie – Fangwolf

–          Movie Trypticon

–          Movie Skarpnel

–          Movie Jarugar

–          Movie Nightbeat

–          Movie Torosaur

–          Movie Jetwash

–          Movie Highbrow

–          Movie Silversnout.

Custom Kreons – movie line

–          Optimums Prime

–          Drift

–          Ratchet

–          Lockdown.

–          Each can be built, assembled and re-assembled into 16 different combinations.

Microchangers Combiners

–          Grimstone

–          Mollox

–          Iquanox

–          Crackback

–          Iron Eye

–          4 figures convert themselves and form together into 1 large figure (Grimstone).

–          Lazerbolt

–          Obsidian

–          Volcanicon


–          Grimlock Street Attack, includes Gold Knight Optimus and 2 Vehicons.

–          All sets feature Dinoforce Technology – the ability to easily recreate scenes from the movie.

–          Jail cell breakout, featuring Bumblebee, Evasion Mode Optimums, Vehicon and the Two Headed Pteradon.

–          Lockdown Air Assault featuring Hound and Sideswipe as well as Lockdown.

–          Galvatron’s Factory Battle, this is huge, it includes 6 Kerons, Prime, Bumblebee, Vehicon, Dr. Littleman and 2 workers.

Kreo GI Joe

–          The partnership with Toys R Us is continuing!

Wave 1

–          Nunchuck, Atomic Man, Polar Assault, Eel, Flight Jet Trooper, Crimson Guard Tomax, Lady Jay, Night Creeper, Footloose, Scrap Iron…I missed the rest.

Wave 2

–          Viper, Wetsuit, Night Viper, Budo, Tripwire, Nemesis, Alpine, Airbonre, missed the rest…

Build sets

–          Outpost Defense including the Cobra Ferrer vehicle and an outpost, Storm Shadow and Beach Head.

–          Firebat Attack including the Firebat, Wolverine, figures are Recondo, Sergeant Katzenbogen and the Cobra Pilot.

–          The big one…The Terror Dome.  856 pieces, includes Hawk, Gung-Ho, Mainframe, Serpentor, Cobrat Trooper, Xamot.  All of the doors open, scenes everywhere..and the kick in the pants.  You have to buy it if you want both Tomax and Xamot! (Tomax not included).

GI Joe 3.75 50th Anniversary.

–          Toys R Us is partnering with Hasbro and we are getting a sneak peek.


–          Lowlight and Night Viper

–          Snow Job and Arctic Bat

–          Blowtorch and Heat Viper

–          Lady Jaye and Baroness

3 – Packs

–          Cobra Trooper, Viper Officer against Beach Head.

–          Leatherneck and Hawk against Destro


–          Cobra Wolf and Ghost Hawk with Arctic Snake Eyes and Ice Viper.

–          Vamp Urban Night Landing Raft with Flint and the Cobra Eel.

Star Wars – presented by Jeff Labovitz and Bill Raleigh

They are echoing excitement over Netflix picking up the Clone Wars Season 6.  It will start March 6h and show the final 13 episodes.  Hasbro will be celebrating with 2 named clones in their Black 3.75 line.

The Rebels line will be coming out in fall and there is a ton of exciting stuff!

Rebels Line – Saga Legends Wave 1

–          Chopper

–          Inquisitor

–          Ezra

–          Kanan

–          Agent Kallus

–          Stormtroopers.

Rebels line – Mission Series 2 packs.

–          Stormtrooper vs. Zeb.

–          R2-D2 and C-3PO


–          Inquisitor Tie Advanced Prototype

–          AT-DP

–          Phantom

Just play with it!

–          Hero Series, 29 inch X-Wing.  This is the largest they have ever made…but, it’s not 3.75 figure scale.  You can’t put anyone in a cockpit.

Rebels Line – Hero series 12 inch figures.

–          Ezra

–          Agent Kallus

–          Stormtrooper

–          Inquisitor

Rebels line – Role Play

–          You can buy the Inquisitors bad ass dual blade light saber with force disk.

–          New Stormtrooper blaster, comes with a fold out stock and a silencer piece on the front that is removable.

Star Wars Command

–          Create the armies of star wars.

–          It’s like a star wars version of army men.  Very low price points, collect tons of characters.

–          Pull back vehicles and bowl over other vehicles and figures. 60 unique sculpts. Under 5 bucks for 9 characters.

–           Star Destroyer – fully remote controlled, use the power of the Force, uses hand gestures for the remote.  This thing will bash, and then open up in front and fire projectiles.

–          “Giving kids the tools to wage war, this isn’t Star Hugs, its Star Wars!”

Star Wars Black Series

–          There is no end in sight for the black series.

–          New forms are being introduced.

–          New packaging that allows for larger figures (6 inch).

–          3.75 gets an imperial pilot card back.

Star Wars Black Series – 6 inch

–           Speeder bike with scout – episode 6, stand is included.  Different angles with stand.

–          Jabba the Hutt!  Move his arms, you move his mouth.

–          More to be shown at SDCC.

Star Wars Black Series – 6 inch Wave 2

–          Chewbacca

–          Clone Trooper

–          Darth Vader (episode 6), removable helmet (removable in two pieces, movie authentic).

–          Jedi Luke Skywalker (episode 6) with shirt flap and without.

–          Sandtrooper – episode IV – squad trooper. (army builder)

Star Wars Black Series – 3.75

–          R5 G19

–          Hoth Luke Skywalker.

–          More to come this year.

–          A teaser is displayed of Jabba’s ratty little sidekick.

Marvel Line – Laura Gilbalt, Dwight Stall.

I loved every other part of this presentation, but it’s still hard to stomach waiting till the very last to see what we really came here for.  That said, Hasbro did not disappoint.

Hasbro went over known Captain America and Spider-Man 2 toys that are already on shelves.  They are out now, they are really pretty good, go get them.  Stock up on Aim Troopers and Man-Droids!

Guardians of the Galaxy – Releasing 6/20. – Role Play

–          I’m mentioning more than what was shown in the presentation, but…

–          Star Lord Nerf style blaster, shoots 2, then reveals 2 more.

–          Star Lord Mask!

–          Rocket mask!

–          Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon.  Not really role play, but he mouths off and vibrates. So…uh…wait. Is that age appropriate?

Guardians of the Galaxy – 2.5 inch figures…yep, 2.5

–          Battle Packs with gear.

–          Drax, Groot, Rocket, Ronin, Nova Corps, all the characters are there.

–          The Milano Ship with Star Lord.

–          Rockets Warbird, includes Rocket Raccoon.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Legends Scale.

–          Hasbro confirmed the image put out Thursday.

–          Star Lord

–          Rocket

–          Drax

–          Gamora

–          BAF is Groot! 9 inch Groot!

–          But wait…that isn’t enough figures to build Groot…

–          NOVA MOTHAFLIPPIN PRIME!!!  I was gonna have to buy these already for Groot.  This is like Christmas came early…and often.

–          Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Series Iron Man in Guardians armor!!!

Guardians of the Galaxy – 3.75

–          There will be no Guardians of the Galaxy 3.75 line….:(

Super Hero Mashers

–          These toys are already on shelves and kids are loving them!

–          We got a sneak peek at wave 3, it includes Ghost Rider and Iceman.

–          We also got a look at the Thunderbolts…I don’t understand why you would want to make the modern Thunderbolts team accessible to kids…but I’ll buy em.  Deadpool and Rulk were shown.

Marvel Infinite – 3.75 Wave 2

–          The moment you have all been waiting for!

–          Bearded Thor!

–          Death’s Head (he looks amazing!)

–          Red She Hulk

Marvel Infinite – Wave 3

–          Deathlok (it’s really freaking Deathlok!!

–          Ares!!

Well folks, that’s it.  There should be little galleries of related toys from the show floor beneath each sub section.  Be on the lookout for official press images as I get them.  It definitely seems like the Marvel Universe line change over to Marvel Infinite is going to be amazing for collectors.  I’m sharpening my knives, hands off jokers, I gotta catch em’ all!

Check out some random pics!

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